V. O. Chidambaram Port Trust India Website Hacked by Sudanese Hackers

A Sudanese hacker going with the handle of Al Max Hacker has hacked a high profile official website of V. O. Chidambaram Port Trust based in a port city and a Municipal Corporation in Thoothukudi district of the Indian state of Tamil Nadu.

The website was hacked on 4th of July 2013 and still hacked with a deface page displaying on the site’s ‘user interface’ page. The deface page also shows a message expressed in following words:

  • H4x0r3d By AL.MaX HaCkEr, I walking alone in the dark and fucking lammers step by step, so you can find me in the darkRespect!AL.MaX HaCkErAttCker Fr0m SuDaN [email protected].

It is unclear if the hacker got access to any sensitive data. However, the link of targeted site along with its zone-h mirror is available below:

  • http://zone-h.com/mirror/id/20198894

At the time of publishing this article, the site was displaying deface page left by the hacker.

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