Supreme Court of Nepal Website Hacked by The Hackers Army

tha-Fucked By THADisasteR  -thehackersarmy

A Pakistani based hacker going with the handle of THADisasteR from The Hackers Army has hacked into the official website of Nepal’s supreme court ( along with two of its sub-domains ( and ( 

The hacker who contacted me via email told that the hack was just a test of skills and a warning for site admins to secure it for the next time. 

The hacker seems to have found a vulnerability on admin link of the Supreme court website allowing him to make change in the directory and edit the categories accordingly. 

The website is still displaying The Hackers Army and F****D By THADisasteR  message on the vulnerable link, however there was no proper defacement nor any deface page was uploaded

The mirror links of all three websites can be found below:

At the time of publishing this article, all three websites were working online but also displaying the message on their vulnerable links left by the hacker.

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