Israeli Defense Forces official Blog Hacked by Syrian Electronic Army

Syrian Electronic Army has made a major comeback by hacking and defacing the official blog of Israel Defense Forces (IDF) yesterday. The high profile hack was conducted on 28th June, 2013 in which Syrian hackers, loyal to President Bashar Al Assad took control of the official IDF blog by uploading a deface page along with a message.  According to the message:

The Israeli govt commits war crimes on a daily basis, towards the Palestinians and is the biggest violator of Human Rights. in addition to the Palestinian case the message was also to warn Israel of the attacks which they carried over Syrian Military sites.

Deface image left by SEA

Link of targeted blog along with Zone-h mirror is available below:

IDF Blog runs under the unit of Israeli army officially known as IDF Spokesperson’s Unit of IDF Operations Directorate, responsible for news, updates, information policy and media relations. It is unclear how SEA got access to IDF blog nor there has been any statement from the IDF’s spokesmen. However, this hack shows skills and ambitions of Syrian hackers.  At the time of publishing this article, the IDF blog was restored and working online. UPDATE: It came to our notice that yesterday IDF’s blog went down for maintenance, this is exactly after five days after getting hacked by Syrian Electronic Army. We were quick to ask SEA if they know why the blog is down? and We got a reasonable reply:

One day ago, we deleted everything about Syria and Hezbollah in their website, and they didn’t know about that until they added some new articles. So it will take some time from them to bring them back, said one of SEA member.

Under maintenance message displaying on IDF blog.

At the time of publishing this article, IDF Blog was still down.

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