Syrian Electronic Army Hacks GoDaddy Account, redirects it to their official website


Two days ago on August 21, 2013, online content sharing site reveals that its website has been facing some sort of “technical difficulties” which will be fixed soon. Today the company shares a follow-up Tweet saying that the problem has been fixed and service is up.


What they didn’t revealed that they had their GoDaddy domain account hacked by world renowned Syrian Electronic Army and as a result the site was redirected to Syrian Electronic Army’s official website (

Syrian Electronic Army known for their hardcore support for Syrian President Mr. Bashar Ul Asad, exclusively shared this news with HackRead, providing us with exclusive screenshots of email conversation between’s administrators, conforming the compromising of their GoDaddy Account and redirection.


Another screenshot shows email conversation between an IT solution providing company Kinetix and ShareThis authorities about possible solution and fixing the issue:

A whois lookup informs us that the “” domain name is registered at GoDaddy, and typically it has its nameservers pointed to Akamai.  However starting on the 21st of August, the nameservers for “” were pointed to nameservers used by the Syrian Electronic Army.  The following data was found in passive DNS.  (Please note that belongs to GoDaddy.)

syrian-electronic-army-hacks-sharethis-com-godaddy-account-redirects-it-to-their-official-website-sea-sy-3Last week it was OutBrain that was hacked resulting in CNN, Time and Washington Post websites redirection to Syrian Electronic Army official website and today its It shows that Syrian hackers are targeting all kinds of online media in order to spread the word. 

Here is the list of all hacks conducted by Syrian Electronic Army previously: 

Syrian Electronic Army has hacked Twitter account of big fish media giant, in past official twitter accounts of UK based The Telegraph NewsITV News LondonFinancial Times, twitter account of The Onion Satirical NewspaperE!Online, 11 account of Guardian NewspaperThe Associated Press,CBSBBC NetworkGerman Broadcaster Deutsche Welle’s (DW) TwitterHuman Rights WatchFrance 24 Arabia and France 24 ObserversQatar Foundation’s TwitterAFP Photo, Sky News ArabiaThomson Reuters and OutBrain as mentioned earlier.

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