Syrian Hackers Claim They’ve Compromised US Central Command

Syrian Hackers have stated that they have compromised the central command of the US.

Syrian Hackers Claim They’ve Compromised US Central Command

The hackers from Syrian Electronic Army, which are hardcore supporters of the President of Syria Bashar Al-Assad have claimed that they have penetrated into the networks and other systems of the central command of the US. They have also claimed that such penetration has enabled them to access hundreds of confidential documents of the Central command.

The hacktivist group of the Syrian Electronic Army has stated on their Twitter account that they have been engaged in targeting the CENTCOM. They made this statement on Friday and said that it is in response to the decision of President Obama to attack the Syrian Army through electronic warfare.

Soon after, this hacktivist group came up with the claim that they have already managed to penetrate into many of the central repositories, and they have also posted a screenshot of what seems to show that they have indeed managed to break into some sort of military system.

If we go with the image, it shows these hacktivists from the Syrian Electronic Army have gained access to the US air force military directory termed as AKO Home. The directory shows to contain folders that mentions about the names of some command units of the US air force.

  • The hackers group tweeted on Friday that: “In the coming days we will update you with specific details and hundreds of documents that the #SEA has obtained.”

AKO which is termed as Army Knowledge Online is a web based information system or program which has been formulated by the Pentagon for the purpose of enabling Military officials to gain access to military files. It was termed as the world’s biggest Intranet back in 2001.

Louis at that time stated that AKO had room for about 70 terabytes, but now the number has grown quite significantly over the past 13 years or so.

The website of AKO was rather slow in responding to the claim that has made by the hackers through their tweet.

The SEA has been quite active in the last few months and they have been conducting different operations against websites of the western media. They are most popular for their claim that they have penetrated in the Associated Press’ Twitter account last year. After that account was penetrated, the SEA came up with a statement that an explosion has occurred at White House.

Back in January, the SEA managed to penetrate into some media accounts of Skype and they posted messages which were critical to the relation of US government with the Silicon Valley. Last month, it was reported that the group has managed to access the Forbes employees’ email accounts and got control of the associated blogs.

The United States has not made any public statement about launching any sort of cyber-attack against the Syrian government, though White House has been said to be associated with launching digital attack on the nuclear enrichment program of Iran. The leaked documents of NSA have suggested that the intelligence community of US has a many cyber-weapons at their disposal.

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