Syrian Electronic Army’s official website hacked and defaced by Turkish Hackers

A group of Turkish hackers going with the handle of @Turkguvenligi on Twitter has hacked and defaced the official website ( of high  pro-Bashar Ul Assad Syrian Electronic Army.

syrian-electronic-armys-official-website-hacked-and-defaced-by-turkish-hackersHackers left a deface page along with a message on hacked website, bashing SEA for targeting Turkish cyber space. The deface message was expressed in following words:

  • You imbecils will attack our country with fake phishing emails and we’ll accept your lies and dont do anything ? That is the end you deserve. 

You can read the complete deface message on below given zone-h mirror.

The hacked link, belongs to leak section which is used by SEA to publish sensitive data acquired as a result of hack. SEA has confirmed that their site was targeted. However, the home page was not affected.

syrian-electronic-armys-official-website-hacked-and-defaced-by-turkish-hackers-2Link of targeted website with its mirror is available below:

This is the first time when a hacking group has successfully hacked the SEA website, as of before the Syrian hackers were making news by hacking high profile financial giants and media outlets.

At the time of publishing this article, the website was down and showing error message.

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