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  • vawtrak-banking-malware-servers-tor

    Hackers Hiding Vawtrak Banking Malware Command Servers in Tor

    Some versions of Vawtrak banking Malware or Neverquest have been discovered to be having hidden command and control servers at Tor anonymity network — This reveals why the cybercriminal operation has become so difficult to detect and disrupt nowadays. Many versions of Vawtrak Banking Malware depend upon hard-coded IP addresses for their command and control operations. […]

  • hotel-wi-fi-can-threaten-your-laptop-with-malware

    Hotel Wi-Fi Can Threaten Your Laptop with Malware

    Following Kaspersky Labs’ identification of a unit issuing attacks on distinct high-end hotel guests in Asia and the US, ANTLabs, a technology company based in Singapore, has recently uncovered that a number of their InnGate routers apparently possess a firmware authentication flaw. This means that their highly-regarded and widely-accepted InnGate routers now pose an imminent opportunity […]

  • point-of-sale-systems-targeted-by-new-poseidon-malware

    Point-of-sale Systems Targeted By New PoSeidon Malware

    Beware all you retailers, a new Trojan program dubbed as PoSeidon targets point-of-sale or PoS terminals and can potentially steal payment card data for abusing it later. According to Cisco Security Solutions research team, this new malware can perform memory scraping, which means it can scan RAM of all the compromised terminals to locate encrypted […]

  • Android-Devices-Ransomware-Scams

    Beware of New Ransomware Scams Targeting Android Devices!

    Android phones have now become a source of income for the cyber criminals. The cyber criminals have began a new type of carry out a new type of cyber crime through android phones known as ransomware. It’s not a new type of crime, there have been several cases related to it in the recent past. […]

  • pakistani-hacker-sentenced-atm-cards-hacking

    Pakistani Man Sentenced to 18 Months in Prison for Massive ATM Cards Hacking

    A Pakistani man identified as Imran Elahi has been sentenced to 18 months in prison by Brooklyn federal court for participating and supporting a multimillion-dollar ATM heists targeting debit card processors. Reuters reports that Imran admitted his role of dispersing debit card numbers to criminals who further cashed out around $9-million (€6.9-million) heist against RBS WorldPay in 2009. The effected MasterCard […]

  • Usman Ahzaz-extradited

    Pakistani Hacker to be Extradited from UK to US Over Hacking

    A Pakistani student in UK will be extradited to the US from UK over computer hacking allegations stemming from an FBI sting operation.    The 24 years old student identified as Usman Ahzaz, was admitted to a university in Britain in order to get a degree in information systems and computing failed the bid to avoid extradition from Britain to the United Stated. The hacker […]

  • Phone users cyber crime

    Cyber criminals now targeting mobile users social media, What to do?

    3 to 4 year years back cyber criminals were having less advantage in hacking a social networking account as it only allowed him to reach to victim’s personal information and nothing other then it. But, today the scenario has totally changed people around the world are using their social networking account as means of trading, […]

  • hackers-jailed-cybercrime-news

    Internet Cafe Operator Arrested for Allegedly Hacking Indonesian Presidential Website

    Earlier I updated you regarding a successful hacking attack on Indonesian Presidential website by Jember Hacker Team. Today the Indonesian police has arrested an Internet cafe operator from the East Java district of Jember for allegedly hacking the presidential website.  The 22 years old, Wildan Yani Ashari is an Indonesian citizen who works at an Internet cafe as an operator. The cafe is […]

  • Sony fined £250000 for PlayStation Security Breach in 2011

    Sony fined £250000 for PlayStation Security Breach in 2011

    UK authorities have fined Sony PlayStation with a fine of $400,000 on the charges of breaching passwords of several users in the year 2011. But, Sony since the induction of the fine has been facing losses/expenditures far greater than $400,000. According to them, only the insurance of their systems and staff costs $171M which has become difficult […]

  • Chinese-hackers-arrested

    17 Chinese held in Philippines for Cyber-crime

    The Philippine police last week arrested a group of 15 Chinese women and 2 men. This group was arrested on behalf of a fraudulent activity they carried out over the internet successfully. After week of thorough investigations the police declared this group criminals after which the Chinese police was after.  Previously, Chinese police has contacted […]

  • cyber-crime-banner

    New Crackdown on Cyber Crime in Bahrain

    Bahrain’s cyber police have laid a cyber crime crack down over the sexual predators. There have been a lot of uprisings in the world of cyber crimes from the sexual predators, due to them there is lot of social abuse going on these days. The criminals have been blackmailing young women over the sharing of […]

  • effects-of-cyber-crime

    Cyber Crime Affects 14 people Per Second, says ITA CEO

    This year is probably one of the best years for the cyber criminals. The criminals went through the defenses of many renowned sites and systems this year. Though, in the beginning government do not seek this as one of the concerned issue but with the time as more and more cases belonging to cyber crimes […]

  • online-scams-list

    Top 10 Online Scams of 2012 and Prediction for 2013

    Online scamming has these days have become more then simple crimes these days. Criminals see them as a business more than a crime committed by them. 2012 saw a tremendous increase in the scams carried by the criminals, not only the scams got increased but they also got sophisticated too. Ordinary people faced huge losses […]

  • internet-murder

    Murders Could be the next form of cyber crime

    As cyber crimes is getting sophisticated with each passing day, the experts now have now predicted a new dimension in the world of cyber crimes. This time around they have predicted the most worst form of criminal act i.e. A murder through the internet. However, they don’t see happening soon but in a year or so it may be […]

  • Rise of Cyber Crimes to Hit Indian Economy

    India is one of the most affected countries from the hands of cyber crimes this and statistics prove this too. This year an increase of about 57 percent is recorded in the amount of websites being hacked from all over India in comparison to the year 2009 which recorded only over 9000 website’s hackings. This year only October such […]

  • internet-spying

    This Week in Cybercrime: Mass Transit Surveillance Systems Keep Ears and Eyes on You

    In America, transit authorities have installed microphone-enabled surveillance systems on public buses in various cities including San Francisco, Eugene, Traverse City, Columbus, Hartford, and Athens. That means, now they can listen to every word you say! To add a little more shock, some of these systems have a technology for distinguishing conversations from the background […]

  • Screen Shot 2012-12-14 at 4.04.01 AM

    A Tale of New Mysterious Cyber Crime

    With each passing day, cyber crimes are getting more and more sophisticated and difficult to deal with. Net surfers around the world are in serious confusion at the moment, especially, after the release of this new mysterious cyber crime that we will tell you about in this article. The crime came into the light after […]