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    Unofficial Website of Pakistan’s Intelligence Agency ISI Hacked by Indian Hacker

    A hacker going with the handle of Godzilla has hacked an unofficial domain of Pakistan’s Intelligence Agency Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) (isi.org.pk).  The hacker who who claimed to hack into MSSQL server containing 3 databases, with 9 users and located at mssql.isi.org.pk, which can be seen in below given screenshot.  The site index page clearly mentions that […]

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    Bangalore City Police Website Hacked & Defaced by Pakistan Cyber Army

    The hacker with the handle of H4x0r HuSsY from Pakistan Cyber Army came up with his latest hack in which the official website of Bangalore City Police (bcp.gov.in) website has been hacked and defaced few hours ago. The hacker left a deface page and a deface message on the hacked police website with the data collected from the webiste database. […]

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    7 Indian Government Ministries Websites Hacked by Pakistani Hackers

    A group of Pakistani hackers Pakistan Cyber Army (PCA) has hacked and deface sever (7) high profile Indian Government Ministries websites. The hackers going with the handles of H4x0r HuSsY, 1337,  H4x0rL1f3, Invectus, KhantastiC HaXor and Shadow008 collectively defaced top ministries websites The list includes the official website of Mitigating Poverty in Western Rajasthan (MPOWER) (mpowerraj.gov.in) running under Chief Minister of Rajasthan Shri […]

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    Peshawar High Court Website Hacked & Defaced by Indian Hackers

    The official website of Pakistan’s Peshawar High Court peshawarhighcourt.gov.pk was hacked and defaced by two Indian hackers with handle of Da Killar” & “H4x4rWo. The website was hacked yesterday on Friday, 21/12/12 where hackers left their deface page along with a message, protesting against Mumbai attacks that were conducted on 26th November 2008.  According to the […]

  • Rise of Cyber Crimes to Hit Indian Economy

    India is one of the most affected countries from the hands of cyber crimes this and statistics prove this too. This year an increase of about 57 percent is recorded in the amount of websites being hacked from all over India in comparison to the year 2009 which recorded only over 9000 website’s hackings. This year only October such […]

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    Further 100+ Indian Websites Hacked by Sizzling Soul & Pakhtun~72

    As we know the Indo–Pak cyber war is at its peak, where hackers from both sides are attacking each other’s cyber world for victory. For same war, two Pakistani hackers by the handle of Sizzling Soul & Pakhtun~72 have defaced 100+ websites.  In an email conversation with HackRead, the hackers said that reason for hacking these sites […]

  • indishell

    Top Pakistani Government & other 250 Websites Hacked by Indishell

    While scrolling Zone-h about Indo-Pak cyber war, I got hold of latest hack attacks conducted by famous Indian hacking group Indishell on 7th December 2012. The group has hacked 250 Pakistani government websites including the sites of some sensitive and high profile government institutions. You will find the complete list of those sites later in […]

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    President of Sri Lanka Website Breached by Broken-Security

    The official website of President of Sri Lanka was breached earlier today by a hacker who goes with the handle of Broken-Security.  The hacker used Blind Sql Injection vulnerability to access the database of the website, leaving the database public on PasteBin with dumps containing vulnerable link, columns, tables, usernames, and encrypted passwords. However, the reason of breaching the website and […]

  • Indian Hacker Claims to Leak Database of Pakistan Army and KSE Websites

    An Indian Hacker who calls himself ‘Godzilla aka G.O.D’ has claimed to gain access of the front end of official website of Pakistan Army and the official website of Karachi Stock Exchange, yet it is unsure if the hacker really penetrated into the websites or not. Godzilla aka G.O.D left the database information published on PasteBin, which according […]

  • Apple Azerbaijan Website Hacked by Team Nuts

    The official website of  Alma Store working as a Reseller of Apple in Azerbaijan has been hacked by YasH’ and ‘COde InjectOr’  of Team Nuts from India. Leaving their deface page on the website. Team Nuts is the same team that hacked and defaced official website of  Stanford University just two weeks ago. Targeted website: According to the deface message:  HacKeD BY […]

  • Bangladesh Directorate General of Health Services Hacked by Ritu Thunderbolt

    Looks like Cyber war between India and Bangladesh has started again before it could be finished, as a new Indian hacker Ritu Thunderbolt  has hacked official website of Directorate General of Health Services (DGHS). The hacker left his deface page which was more anti-Islamic rather then anti-Bangladesh or related to cyber war. According to the deface message: Allah loves […]

  • More 252 Mostly Pakistani Websites Hacked by Indian Cyber L33T

    Indian Cyber L33T group has hacked 252 websites mostly from Pakistan, leaving their deface page on the hacked websites along with a song supporting the Palestine cause.  Hackers also left a message for Pakistani hackers. hello frndz.. Indian Cyber L33T Bang again .. We r True Indian Hackers Message to Porkies —> think it as a PAYBACK […]

  • 21 More Website Hacked by Silent Hacker & SHorty420 from Indian Cyber leets

    Silent Hacker & SHorty420 from Indian Cyber leets have hacked 21 Websites, leaving their deface page, a message and a song supporting Palestine cause. Deface Message by hackers: Security C0mProMisEd ( | ~ Don’t forget us we will be back ~ | ) ( Server rooted No one is secure In this world! ) ( For […]

  • Ukraine Shopping Store Hacked and 1389 User Accounts leaked by xdev @ b4lc4nh4ck

    A Ukraine based online shopping store was attacked by xdev @ b4lc4nh4ck  hacker, leaving 1389 account details of daily users. Hack was announced by the hacker via his twitter account. Targeted website: http://rondell.kiev.ua/ Leaked Data:  Leaked data contains users details, username, email, passwords (noncrypted), addresses and  phone numbers. xdev @ b4lc4nh4ck  left following message on leaked data: rondell.kiev.ua pwned […]

  • teamnuts

    Stanford University hacked by Team Nuts

    Offical Stanford University subdomain  has been hacked and defaced by “Yash” and “C0de Inject0r” from hacking group ”Team Nuts”. Hackers left their deface page on the hacked domain with a message and a Patriotic Indian Chant/song ”Vande Mataram” as a background music. However no reason was given by the hackers for hacking the Stanford website. Deface Message: [#] […]

  • Islamic Nasheed Bank

    Islamic Nasheed Bank Hacked by xdev @b4lc4nh4c, over 2600 Accounts leaked

    Islamic Nasheed Bank website has been hacked and over 2600 accounts have been leaked by xdev @b4lc4nh4c. Hack was announced in a twitter post by the hackers. Leaked data was posted online on pastebin. Targeted website:  http://www.nasheed.ow-fwk.com/ Leaked data:  Leaked data contains, emails, passwords and username. Islamic Nasheed Bank is not some Islamic business bank, it is basically a […]

  • Indishell is back

    Over 200 Bangladeshi Government and Private Websites Hacked by Indishell

    Cyber war between Bangladeshi and Indian hackers is at its peak after Bangladeshi hackers hacked into Indian Government websites yesterday. Indishell, the well known group of Indian hackers also hacked and defaced over 200 Bangladeshi Government and Private Websites to take this cyber war at a higher level. Yesterday over 1000 Indian Websites hacked by Bangladeshi Hackers Including NDTV […]

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    1000 Indian Websites hacked by Bangladeshi Hackers Including NDTV & Government sites

    Bangladeshi hackers have hacked and defaced over one thousand Indian websites including ND TV, MEA.GOV, PASSPORT.GOV.IN & BUSINESS.GOV.IN and many other websites in the ongoing cyber war between Bangladeshi and Indian hackers. http://pastebin.com/AUPMyGS3 contains the complete list of all the hacked websites.