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  • google-nexus-4

    GOOGLE NEXUS 4 Review, Specs & all you should know

    After a series of rumors, leaks and the hurricanes Google nexus 4 finally arrived in the market on 31st October 2012. This Android phone has been manufactured by LG, due to this the design of the phone is quite identical to LG optimus. The phone is manufactured from matte black plastic which adds to the […]

  • ipad_mini

    Apple iPad Mini Expectations and Rumor Roundup

    Apple iPad mini is expected to be launched tomorrow October the 23rd 10 o’clock in the morning at California  Apple had already distributed the invitations for it around the globe.  (Credit: 9to5Mac ) Screen & Memory: There are some rumors regarding it’s feature in the market, photos are also leaked. According to these materials, this iPad is to have a […]

  • Munich, Germany: Customers gather outside an Apple store

    Apple Would Require iPhone 6 Sooner then it Thought

    The recent launch of iPhone 5 doesn’t provide any new experience for the users, although, it got 5 million sales in a week but this figure would certainly have been doubled if it would be having some innovation in it. With fast changes in technology each day, every brand needs to be pro-active to remain in competition. […]

  • Apple Hits and Misses after the Passing Away of their Tecnology Icon – Steve Jobs

    October 2012 marks the end of Apple’s first financial year without their technology icon: Steve Jobs. So, let’s find out how Apple has been through this time. There has been few hits and misses that are been observed during this time. Let’s find out what are they? iPhone 5 sales broke records by precision Despite, overwhelming […]

  • Apple iPhone 5 Beats Samsung galaxy SIII in a Screen Test

    The tech world has said and written a lot about iPhone 5. According to many fans, it failed to meet the expectations the people had from it. However, when it comes to the quality of performance iPhone still beats all its worthy competitors. A comprehensive side-by-side comparison was done in a display test conducted by […]

  • Apple iPhone 5 vs. Samsung Galaxy SIII (A Top Notch Comparison between Two Elites)

    In a state where enthusiasts are puzzled and biased by many inaccurate comparisons and reviews, HackRead provides one of the best reviews for you to assess and take a firm decision. So, the hot topic ‘iPhone 5 vs. Samsung Galaxy S3’ is now going to be scrutinized in-depth, providing a comparison of high-tech features installed […]

  • iPhone 5 review, Features & Specifications

    Apple Inc. has at last revealed the release date of its next iPhone, which will presumably be referred to as the ‘iPhone 5’. This was witnessed on September 4, after Apple gave its invite to journalists and officially announced the inauguration date which is expected to be the 12th of September. At the event, the […]

  • liquipel-540x302

    Waterproof Samsung Galaxy S III and iPhone 5 [Video Included]

    We all have read many rumors in the past about Apple iPhones and Samsung Galaxy phones but this time it’s a “WOW” rumor by an anonymous gossipmonger who I considered to be the working for the largest United Kingdom’s retailer. According to him, the next Samsung Android phone is going to be “waterproof” and not […]

  • iPhone-SJ-4

    Say Hello to the fabulous iPhone SJ

    Apple came up with several iPhone concept, some failed some were hailed, but new iPhone SJ designed by Antonio De Rosa from ADR Studio has broken all the records and it is considered the best among all. Few days ago ADR Studio had released concept images of the next iPhone named as iPhone SJ. Yes, […]