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  • #OpIsrael: 63 Israeli Websites Hacked by Sir Abdou

    A hacker going with the handle of ‘Sir Abdou’ has hacked and defaced 63 Israeli websites for Operation Israel #OpIsrael. Hacker who contacted me on Twitter told that hacks were done between 26th April to 1st May 2013 where all sites were left with deface page along with a message in support of Palestine and against […]

  • Anonymous destroys Israel by hacking websites, deleting databases, leaking emails & passwords for #OpIsrael

    The online hackavist group Anonymous followed up with their #OpIsrael warning of attacking Israel’s cyber world for attacking the Gaza strip. The group hacked thousands of websites, deleted many government owned databases, leaked personal information, including emails and passwords. The list of websites which were hacked/defaced or either taken down is in thousands, yet some noticeable sites includes the […]

  • Further 150 Israeli websites hacked by CapoO_TunisiAnoO for #OpIsrael

    OpIsrael is at its peak, CapoO_TunisiAnoO hacker has hacked and defaced more 150 Israeli websites to show his support for Palestine.  The hacker had defaced 75 Israeli websites five days ago for the cause of OpIsrael. He also left his deface page and a message on all the hacked websites, this time he made an unusual change on the deface […]

  • 54 Israeli websites hacked by V!ru$ No!r

    The Moroccan Agent Secret V!ru$ No!r  hacker, who defaced website of Israeli parliament few days ago has now defaced 26 more Israeli websites to show his support to the people of Palestine.  The hacker hacked 28 websites 2 days ago and today 26 websites were taken down, making it 54 of the total hacked sites. V!ru$ No!r left his deface […]

  • 75 Israeli Websites defaced by CapoO_TunisiAnoO for #OpIsrael

    Since the killing of Hamas leader, the hackers from all over the world have started attacking Israeli websites and until now thousands of sites have been hacked or taken down via DDos attacks for #OpIsrael. Now a well known hacker from Tunisia, who goes by the handle of CapoO_TunisiAnoO has hacked 75 Israeli websites for #OpIsrael, leaving […]

  • 12 Israeli Websites Defaced by Teamr00t Hacktivists

    The online hacktivists from TeamrOOt have hacked 12 Israeli websites, the group’s is known to the world for their high profile hacks.  The team left their deface deface page along with a message on all the hacked website, which is against the Zionist state of Israel. According to the hackers: TERRORISM > The calculated use of […]

  • 17 Important Israeli Websites Hacked by X-Line

    X-Line hacker known for his hacks against Israel has taken down 17 important Israeli websites yesterday, leaving his deface page on  a message in Arabic on all the hacked websites. Closest translation that we could get was ”Oh God our souls eager to testify and fight in the way of Allah Almighty, How long, O nation of Islam, […]

  • 34 Important Israeli Websites Hacked by X-Line

    X-line hacker has taken down 34 Important Israeli websites, leaving a deface page and a message supporting Palestine. Hacked websites belong to small businesses such as technology, property, software and hosting business. List of Hacked websites: http://pastebin.com/JHkwihyp Mirrors of Hacked websites:

  • Ford Israel and Mazda Israel Hacked by Over-X

    After hacking Israeli Parliament, Over-X hacker from Algeria has hacked official websites of two Automotive giants Ford Israel and Mazda Israeli websites. Leaving his deface page on both of the hacked websites with a simple message of Algeria Forever. Targeted Websites:  http://ford.co.il http://mazda.co.il/ Mirrors of Hacked Websites: Over-X is an Algerian hacker who has been hacking Israel top most […]