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  • pro-palestine-hackers-stole-israeli-users-credit-cards-to-fund-charities-2

    OpIsrael: Pro-Palestine hackers stole Israeli credit cards to fund charities

    AnonGhost hacktivist group’s leader and founder, Mauritania Attacker, revealed on Tuesday that his team has funded Palestinian charities through stolen Israeli credit cards during OpIsrael. AnonGhost, the hacktivist group, acquired access to credit card credentials of Israelis by hacking into dozens of websites from Israel. According to Mauritania, until now the group has managed to churn […]

  • opisrael-700-sites-hacked-thousands-of-social-media-paypal-crenential-leaked

    OpIsrael: 700 sites hacked, thousands of Social Media, Paypal credentials leaked

    Just few days ago we reported how Anonymous and AnonGhost hacking groups are gearing up to carryout cyber attacks on Israeli servers under the banner of OpIsrael. As promised, hackers (both from Anonymous and AnonGhost hackitivist groups) are carrying out massive cyber attacks on Israeli government and business websites (mostly owned by civilians).  The teams involved in these […]

  • opisrael-anonghost-claims-leaking-hundreds-of-israeli-facebook-account-credentials

    OpIsrael: AnonGhost Leaks Hundreds of Israeli Facebook Account Credentials

    The pro-Palestinian online hacktivist AnonGhost is claiming to leak hundreds of Facebook emails and passwords belonging to Israeli Facebook users for upcoming OpIsrael starting from 7th April 2015. Hackers have pasted the leaked data on Pastebin along with a message for government and people of Israel. The data contains emails and clear text passwords of […]

  • op_israel-anonymous-reportedly-threatens-israel-with-electronic-holocaust

    Op_Israel: Anonymous Threatens Israel with ‘Electronic Holocaust’

    In a latest video footage from Anonymous, the notorious hacker group, a masked individual appears in a suit and delivers a well-structured statement announcing a possible attack on Israel’s online servers on April 7. The operation will be carried out under the famous banner of OpIsrael. The video features pictures of distraught Palestinian children and the […]

  • OpIsrael-anonymous-hacks-leaks-israel

    #OpIsrael: Israeli Ministry of Agriculture Domain Hacked, 100+ other crushed down by Anonymous

    Year 2014 begin with a warning from online hacktivists Anonymous in which it warned Israel to get ready for a massive cyber attack on 7th April 2014 under the banner of #OpIsrael.  The attack included distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack on thousands of Israeli government and private domains, leaking personal details and defacing websites. Hackers were able […]

  • #OpIsrael: 52 Israeli Websites Hacked and Defaced by Anonymous Hackers

    AnonGhost Hacks and Defaces 75 Israeli Websites

    The online hacktavist AnonGhost has hacked and defaced 75 Israeli websites from 15th to 19th September. AnonGhost left a deface page along with a message on all hacked websites, displaying message against Israel. The deface page was left with following words: Dont panic Israel, we are the same people and now we are back to […]

  • -Op-Israel-reborn-Anonymous calls on all Muslim hackers for joint attack on US and Israel on September 11

    #OpIsraelReload: AnonGhost hacks 400 Israeli websites, claims to leak Credit Card details

    The online hackavist going with the handle of AnonGhost along with TeamR00t have claimed to hack and deface around 400 Israeli websites with claim of leaking credit card details of Israeli citizens under the banner of #OpIsraelReload. Hackers who had planned to target Israeli cyber space on the anniversary of September 11 attacks started defaced […]

  • famous-pro-israeli-platform-israelforum-com-hacked-and-defaced-by-madleets-8

    Famous Pro-Israeli Platform Israelforum.com hacked and defaced by MadLeets

      Newly emerging Pakistani based MadLeets hacking group has been making news for a while now, this time a hacker going with the handle of Invectus has hacked and defaced well known pro-Israeli online forum (www.israelforum.com). The site was hacked few minutes ago, left with a deface page with a note and greeting messages to the team. […]

  • 127-israeli-website-hacked-by-indonesian-hackers-2

    #OpIsrael: 250 Israeli websites hacked by Pakistani hacker H4x0r HuSsY

    A Pakistani hacker going with the handle of H4x0r HuSsY from Pakistani Leets hacking group has hacked and defaced total 250 Israeli websites in a cyber attack conducted between 8th August to 14th August 2013. It seems that hacker got access to a server with multiple vulnerabilities, resulting in defaced the server and leaving his deface page […]

  • opisrael-71-israeli-sites-hacked-x-blackerz-inc-2

    #OpIsrael Reloaded: Official Mazda Motors and 20 Israeli Porn websites hacked by Indonesian SultanHaikal

    Well known Indonesian hacker going with the handle of SultanHaikal has hacked and defaced the official website of Mazda motors club (http://www.mazdaclub.co.il) designated for Israel along with 20 Israeli porn websites for #OpIsrael Reloaded. All sites are left with a deface page along with abusive message against USA, Israel, Jews and Shias sect of Islam that was expressed in […]

  • opizzah-opisrael-login-details-of-33895-israelis-leaked-by-phr0zenm

    #OpIzzah & #OpIsrael: Login Details of 33,895 Israelis Leaked by Phr0zenMyst

    A hacker going with the handle of @Phr0zenM on Twitter has claimed to leak 33,895 login details of Israeli citizens after breaching several Israeli websites. The hacker calls this leak as a part of #OpIzzah and #OpIsrael in response to #OpIslam started couple of months ago by Israeli hackers. After analyzing the dumped login accounts , I have […]

  • embassy-of-nepal-website-in-israel-hacked-by CapoO_TunisiAno-2

    Website of Embassy of Nepal in Israel Hacked by CapoO_TunisiAnoO

    CapoO_TunisiAnoO, Tunisian based hardcore anti-Israeli hacker has hacked and defaced the official website of Embassy of Nepal (nepalembassy-israel.org) in Tel Aviv, Israel yesterday. The website which is hosted on an Israeli server was left with a deface page along with an anti-Israeli message, threatening Israeli government to get ready for another cyber war on 7th July 2013. The […]

  • opisrael-71-israeli-sites-hacked-x-blackerz-inc-2

    #OpIsrael Reloaded:102 Israeli Websites Hacked by Indonesian Hacker SultanHaikal

    A well known Indonesian hacker going with the handle of SultanHaikal has hacked and defaced 102 Israeli websites for #OpIsrael yesterday. Hacker left his team’s deface page along with a message on all hacked websites, expressing his anti-Israeli views, the deface message was expressed in following words: Hacked by SultanHaikal, Hello Israel I am come back […]

  • Shalom-Hartman-Institute-of-Israel-Hacked-200 -login-accounts-leaked-by-China-Blue-Army-3

    #OpIsrael: 87 Israeli Websites Hacked by CapoO_TunisiAnoO

    CapoO_TunisiAnoO hacker from Tunisia who doesn’t require any introduction has hacked and defaced 87 Israeli websites three days ago. As usual all 87 sites were left with a deface page along with a note and a YouTube video, warning Israel to stop the Palestinian occupation or else get ready for another #OpIsrael. However, according to the […]

  • 127-israeli-website-hacked-by-indonesian-hackers-2

    127 Israeli Website Hacked by Indonesian Hackers

    A group of Indonesian hackers from Biang Kerox Team have hacked and defaced 127+ Israeli based websites. Team left their deface page along with a message on hacked websites, yet reason for hacking sites was not mentioned, according to the deface message: Biang Kerox Team Was Here! Sultan Haikal, Prof Lang Ling Lund, AntonKill, Xevil BHC, […]

  • 50 Israeli Websites Hacked by CapoO_TunisiAnoO-3

    50 Israeli Websites Hacked by CapoO_TunisiAnoO

    Israeli cyber space is always under attack by hackers from all aver the world, one of those hackers is known as World known as CapoO_TunisiAnoO from Tunisian; who is back with another hack against Israel, this time by hacking and defacing 50 Israeli websites. CapoO_TunisiAnoO left different deface pages along with a messages on all hacked websites, […]

  • 49 Israeli Websites Hacked by The key40 from Algeria

    49 Israeli Websites Hacked by The key40 from Algeria

    An Algerian hacker going with the handle of ‘the key40’ has hacked and defaced total 49 Israeli websites. The sites were left with not one but several partially deface pages and messages against Israel, favoring Palestinians, such as:  Hacked by The Key40 from Algeria, Israel = Just an illusion in your eyes who will be erased soon Inshallah. Palestine will […]

  • #OpIsrael: 52 Israeli Websites Hacked and Defaced by Anonymous Hackers

    #OpIsrael: 52 Israeli Websites Hacked and Defaced by Anonymous Hackers

    A hacker going with the handle of Cyber-Terrorist, who seems to be a hardcore supporter of hackavist group Anonymous has hacked and defaced 52 Israeli based websites for #OpIsrael couple of days ago. Hacker left a deface page along with a message on all hacked 52 websites, giving tributes to other hackers and talking about Operation Israel. […]