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  • Islamic Magazine website hacked and database leaked by @VenomSec

    @VenomSec hacker who has been very active these days has hacked a website of an Islamic magazine, leaking the database online. IslamToday is an online magazine which is operated from Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia. The website was not only hacked but a massive database was also leaked on PasteBin. The hack was announced by @VenomSec on its official […]

  • Lahore High Court of Pakistan Hacked and Database Leaked by @VenomSec

    Pakistani cyber-space which is often under attack by Indian hackers is now under attack by @VenomSec, as the official website of Lahore High Court of Pakistan was hacked and database leaked by @VenomSec. The hack was done 2 hours ago and announced by VenomSec on its Twitter  account, leaving several questions on the security of […]

  • Afghan Islamic Press Website Hacked and Login Details Leaked by @VenomSec

    The cyber world is full of surprises, new direction and new targets to unknown destinations. Same is happening this time as the official website of Afghan Islamic Press has been hacked by @VenomSec and login information has been leaked online. The website http://afghanislamicpress.com was not defaced, however, the server was accessed and login information including email address and plain text […]