Taylor Swift’s Twitter, Instagram Hacked! Hackers threatened to leak nude photos

Someone hacked official Twitter, Instagram accounts of Singer Taylor Swift few hours ago. It is still unclear who was behind the hack but tweeting to over 51 million fans, the hacker said they should follow @Lizzard the “leader” of Lizard Squad (Same group who was behind Sony Hack).

After taking over her account, hackers claimed they have got access to Swift’s nude photos.

Swift owns the 4th largest account on Twitter that makes it one of the most high-profile hack on the social media. Some tweets posted by hacker were deleted within 15 minutes of hack by Twitter or Swift herself, but two of the Tweets are still available and can be seen below:



In response to hacker’s claim of having access to her nude photos Swift replied something like this:


Swift’s Instagram was also hacked by same hacker who took over her Twitter account. She has 20 million followers on Instagram.

This is not the first time when a celebrity’s Twitter account was hacked. In past hackers have been breaching privacy of several high-profile celebrities.

At the time of publishing this article both hacked accounts were restored.

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