Teen hacked Apple twice hoping for a job

He hacked his way into the tech giant’s mainframe by creating false credentials.

Now that is what we call a very unorthodox approach, an out of the box invocation to realize what you are desperately after. An Australian teenager, an Apple fanboy, longing for a job in Apple evinced an unusual way of forwarding his CV to the company. 

What happened is, the teen literally hacked Apple, bypassing all its state of the art security protocols and then turned himself in to make a bold statement regarding his top-notch skills. No Job CV or application for the internship, the teen literally believed in the saying “Actions speak louder than words”, or more peculiarly, “Skill speaks louder than a job application.”

The teenager took the lead from a European counterpart who successfully attempted a similar heist to get a job. The teen cannot be identified at this moment due to legal constraints but has been found guilty of hacking not once but twice into Apple’s infrastructure in 2015 and 2017 respectively. 

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The 17-year-old teenager is from Adelaide, Australia, who, along with another teenager, broke into the tech giant’s mainframe by creating false credentials. His lawyer told the court that the teen had hoped to get a job at Apple and was not aware of the dire consequences. 

“This offending started when my client was 13 years of age, a very young age. He had no idea about the seriousness of the offense and hoped that when it was discovered that he might gain employment at this company,” the lawyer said.

As a result, the court handed down a nine-month good behavior bond to the youngster and urged him to use his talents in a better way.

It is pertinent to note that Apple was not affected financially, technically and neither was customer data privacy compromised. The company has issued a statement stating that they maintain strong vigilance as regards to the protection of their networks and data. 

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The judge summed up the case by advising the teenager to use his gifts for good rather than evil.

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