Teen Tracking Lost Phone Using App Shot Dead

Teen shot dead while using mobile phone tracking app — All that it took to take the life of an innocent teen was a lost cell phone.

CBC News reports that a Canadian teen Jeremy Cook left his mobile phone in a taxi. In order to retrieve the phone, the 18-year old boy used a location tracking app that was installed already in his phone.

Cook then went with a relative on Sunday to the London, Ontario, strip mall identified as the phone’s current location by the app. They, allegedly, found 3 men in a car.

According to the Police, Cook confronted them but they drove the car upon which he tried to hang on the driver’s side door.

Within no time Cook died and the cause of death has been disclosed as multiple gunshot wounds.

The investigation is underway and police are trying to dig deeper to know the details.

The cell phone and the car both have been located, however, the three suspects eloped. Police state that Cook didn’t know the three men previously.

Local police also clarified that there is no harm in using phone tracking apps but if you somehow manage to trace your lost phone’s location and suspect trouble then immediately call the police.

Constable Ken Steeves said:

“The app is not what makes the scenario dangerous. It is the human beings or the people you interact with.”

This is a very sad incident, one can’t blame the app or the kid for trying to get his phone back. All we can say is that be careful and let such things go because you can buy such devices again and again, but your life is too precious to lose and it’s never coming back.

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