Teens arrested after paying Bitcoin to watch livestream abuse & murder

The tale of dark web’s disturbing Red Room has been revealed by…

The tale of dark web’s disturbing Red Room has been revealed by Italian authorities.

There’s a strong connection between child abuse and cryptocurrencies’ pseudonymity as most child sexual abuse dealings are made in Bitcoin. Because governments cannot control or regulate crypto exchange, criminals get a free-hand to commit all sorts of horrendous crimes, including live streaming the worst kind of child abuse. 

 Italian news agency Il Messaggero reported that Italian police arrested two teens for paying Bitcoin to watch live streaming of minors getting sexually abused and murdered on the dark web. The arrests are part of a more extensive operation called Delirium from the Carabinieri and the Prosecutor’s Office of Florence, which started in October 2019. 

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During the operation, dozens of searches were made since October 2019. Around 25 people (out of which 19 are minors and 6 adults) from 13 provinces in Italy have been interrogated so far.

The details of the Red Room, or “Room of Horrors” as Il Messagero claims it to be, shared by local Italian police are incredibly distressing. The “spectators” who made it to the red room on the dark web could watch minors’ live streaming getting sexually assaulted and murdered after paying in Bitcoin.

The streamers could decide the type of torture the children would be subjected to by paying more. Such as, they could request for amputating the child’s arm or pouring hot oil. The inhuman acts were performed by “foreign organizations,” and they earned higher profits as the violence intensified.

Calling the entire practice, a hell of horrors, Il Messaggero reported that the platform offered different services at different costs. Moreover, previously streamed videos were cheaper than the live ones. Adults performed the violence, and the act always concluded with the death of the victim. 

The police arrested a male and a female, both 17-years-old, exchanging details of the service, including grim aspects of the entire practice. Moreover, minors’ sexually abusive videos, Nazi-style gore videos, and footages of molestation of children as young as three-year-old by adults were recovered by the cops. 

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Currently, it is unclear whether the service is still active or taken down. Presumably, a handful of the viewers have been arrested so far.

Dutch authorities release images of ‘torture chambers’

Meanwhile, Dutch police have arrested 6 people after discovering torture chambers inside large shipping containers:



Note: Hackread.com will be covering Dutch Police raid in a separate article.

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