Tel Aviv Police Twitter Account Hacked by Tunisian Hackers

The officiaTwitter account of Israels Tel Aviv Police has been hacked by Tunisian Hackers, the account which was used to send updates on Tel Aviv Police department is now sending tweets of being hacked by H3LM! hacker from Tunisia. 

According to the tweet: 

Hacked By H3LM! …. We Are Fallaga :)


 The twitter account of Tel Aviv Police has 1,145 followers, states that all the news and updates on the account are done directly by the Tel Aviv spokesman office. 

News|photo| video| all come from our spokesman office חדשות|תמונות | וידיאו| ישירות מלשכת הדוברות של משטרת מחוז תל אביב

18 Sallame st. Tel Aviv Yaffo · 

It is unclear if the hackers were able to breach the official website of Tel Aviv police or what method was used to hack the Twitter account of the Israeli police. 

At the time of publishing this article, there were no new tweets and the account seemed to be in control of hackers. 

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