Terabytes of OnlyFans data being sold on hacking forum

Last month reports emerged that OnlyFans website was targeted by hackers after a massive database…

It is quite possible that the seller is collecting OnlyFans data through third-party sources and social media apps.

Last month reports emerged that OnlyFans, a London-based adult entertainment website was targeted by hackers after a massive database containing up to 4 terabytes of photos and videos of pornstars was dumped on several hacking forums.

Although, the company had categorically denied being hacked, the data dump impacted hundreds of OnlyFans content creators especially females. Now, Hackread.com has learned that hackers are selling OnlyFans content on demand. 

It is worth noting that the hacking forum in the discussion is the same forum where just a few days ago 42 million Iranian names and phone numbers were put up for sale. However, the name of the hacking forum will not be shared here to protect the privacy of victims.

According to our research, the seller began offering OnlyFans data on

Buyers are provided with photos and names of OnlyFans models whose data is available while the transaction is carried out on Shoppy, an all-in-one payment processing, and e-commerce solution. One can buy trove of data with Bitcoin or PayPal with merely $5 to $12.

Hello friends, today I bring you a large collection of 0nlyfans models. Here below I leave you some screenshots of what I have for now, and not only limited to that content since I will be uploading more models, states the listing.

Here is a full preview of the listing:

Once the payment is processed, buyers need to wait for 12 hours to receive the content which is shared through Google Drive.

As far as the legitimacy of the data is concerned, buyers have been giving positive reviews. This is unquestionably bad news for all those “influencers” associated with OnlyFans to make money from their created content as it can be viewed or shared with others quite easily.

It is possible that the leaked content has been collected from multiple third-party sources and social media apps. Nevertheless, the content creators are now highly vulnerable to extortion campaigns and blackmailing, which is primarily because OnlyFans failed to implement optimal data safety practices and mechanisms on the site.

Sample data belonging to one OnlyFans’ model – The content was uploading recently.

The most recent data added to listing was on April 1st, 2020 with 3 new OnlyFans models. The seller, in their forum posts, has also “promised” to upload new content soon. 

At the time of publishing this article, there was more than 2.3 TB of OnlyFans data being sold by the seller. Therefore, if you are on OnlyFans, be vigilant. 

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  1. Soooo…what’s the problem? These girls are here to show the goods. They mad that people are making copies of the video? WELCOME TO THE INTERNET.

    If it’s not child porn then who cares

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