Thai Ministry Of Education Hacked By Sizzling Soul From Pak Cyber Army

For past couple of weeks we have been updating you with the hacks done by Sizzling Soul, he has been hacked websites over and over again against the Anti-Islamic movie. Keeping up with his protest, the hacker has hacked official website of Thai Ministry of Education.

The hacker left his message on the website protesting against the movie and urged the authorities to put a ban on it for life.

According to the deface message:

100 % Attempting Bypass…Code broken! A message for Boobish People: Dont Try To Insult Our PROPHET (P.B.U.H). Why You People Always Try To Attack Our Religion? You Made An Insulting Movie Of PROPHET(P.B.U.H)” Damn! This Is Totally Insane, You Are Provoking The Anger Of PeaceFull Muslims!

Stop This Otherwise You WOn’t Be Able To Stop Us, This Is Just A Warning For You…. If You Don’t Stop,Next Attack. Will Destroy Yours Whole Cyber Space. If You Want Some Then Come And Get Some…

Link of hacked website: 

Mirror of the website: 

Sizzling Soul has already hacked 3 Mexican government and over 200 other websites in protest of the same movie.

At the time of writing this article, the website was still showing the display page uploaded by the hacker.

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