Thailand’s Police Nursing College Website Hacked, Login Details Leaked by Pak Cyber Eaglez


A Pakistani hacker going with the handle of Sizzling Soul from Pak Cyber Eaglez has hacked in to the official website of Thai Police Nursing College, as a result the site has been defaced, database along with login details of site’s admin and 64 college’s staff have been leaked online.

The reason for targeting Thai website remains unknown as the deface page only contains a note, claiming that site has been hacked by Sizzling Soul.

  • Hacked by Sizzling Soul, Pak Cyber Eaglez!

Hacker has dumped the data on Pastebin which contains 64 usernames, emails addresses and their encrypted passwords. After analyzing the data, I have found it legit and never been leaked online in past by any other hacker or crew.

Link of targeted website along with its mirrors are available below, while the dumped data is available on Pastebin and can be found here.


At the time of publishing this article, the website of Thailand’s Police Nursing College was restored and working online.


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