The Best Alternatives Operating Systems

For most people, the only operating systems they know of are Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS. They have thus restricted their world to these four operating system with the same belief our ancestors thought the world was flat. However, many other operating systems will work even better than the above mentioned OSs especially for those of us with specific needs. We assembled a list of the six of these operating systems for you to pick from. Be free to try each one out.

Pixel OS 

The Pixel operating system is a version of Linux that has been stripped down to run on just about any hardware. It can be run on Windows or macOS and was originally meant for the minuscule Raspberry Pi computer. If you have an old computer but want to keep at it without buying another one, Pixel OS will run without a hitch on your machine. That is guaranteed. Just like the other versions of Linux, the user gets an easy to use interface with some preloaded apps to start using it the moment you install it on your computer.

Lineage OS

Another strong operating system is the Lineage OS which is created by the same people who brought us CyanogenMod. This operating system is simply the very purest of Android without the invasion of the user experience by the manufacturer. You can install this OS on your Android smartphone and then control just about everything you need to change your device. It is easy to install and will be up and running in just a few moments after hitting the install button.

Remix OS

If you have been wishing (like we do) for a way to run Android apps on your desktop and can’t wait for the Chrome OS to make that functional, then Remix OS is your best OS here. This operating system is based on Android and can be run on any desktop with the apps you need running in a window just like on the handheld devices. You can install this OS even on a USB stick which you carry around and enjoy its benefits whenever you feel like it as it is light and easy to use.

Asteroid OS

Asteroid OS has been built to run on smartwatches that originally come with the Android Wear operating system. The creator of this operating system already managed to run it on the LG G Watch to reveal a smooth and beautiful operating system that would easily give other mobile OSes a run for their money. The OS even has basic apps like the music player, calculator and weather widget installed. While the OS is still in its development stages, a look at it reveals that it will be a great operating system for your watch.

Maru OS

Another OS at its developmental stages but with a great potential is the Maru OS. While it currently works on the Nexus 5 alone, the potential for this OS is so much that it will be able to power a whole desktop. Image a scenario where your desktop looks exactly like your smartphone and everything else. With Maru, you only need an HDMI cable to connect your smartphone to your TV screen and away you go. The OS can be installed just like any other type of ROM on a computer.

Zorin OS

The Zorin OS looks a lot like a mixture of Windows and macOS for those who need other versions of OSes but do not want the two. It is a Linux version based on Ubuntu with a great desktop experience that many people have found to be very stable and full of functionality. The best part of this OS is that it comes with a version of Wine that allows you to use any Windows programs you might want to carry over to Linux.

All the operating systems here (plus much more) come free of charge unless the mainstream operating systems most of which need you to pay a fee before using them. The potential for having an operating system away from the mainstream ones is that you get to use lots of features that come with lots of freedom. Many users have reported that the mainstream OS versions are so limited and unfocused that they cannot use them for their specific needs. If you have been looking around for something that looks different and offers more freedom, looks to one of these OS versions.

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