The Global Expansion of Cyber Crime in 2012

Cyber crime during current year 2012 has surpassed the previous year record and this is quite clear indication of how cyber crime in the current year has exploded worldwide. Not only the cyber crime has increased in number but it has also gotten far more sophisticated as it was previously. Due to this firms are requiring to hire more and more cyber experts. According to a recent report launched by McAfee, the rate of cyber crime in especially in mobiles has doubled to what it was previously. This gives an indication that the hackers have now also shifted their weapons towards mobiles. So, let’s see what sort of crimes have taken place over this quarter and their increase.


 Financial frauds in this quarter have increased in number in comparison to previously playing a small role in amount of cyber crimes produced by the hackers. The hackers have these days created an automatic funds transfer (ATS) to illegally transfer funds from different financial institutions.  Most affected due to this are European financial institutions who have faced great losses this year due to this particular act.


This type of crime is one of the widespread crime these days in the current year it has increase by 43 percent. So, it can be seen how popular this crime has become now, as it produces a lot of fortune for the hackers. To carryout this crime the hackers illegally hack the software or devices made to run the site and lock them. For unlocking it hackers ask for ransom from the owners. This is how it all works.


According to a recent stat, the total number of malwares produced has surpassed the 100 million mark and more or less 100,000 malwares are produced each day. The most affected of the devices for malwares are mobile especially the android devices who are the most affected. Although, the progress of malwares this year has slowed down but it is still increasing at quite a healthy rate.


Databases breaches are growing rapidly and in this quarter it has already surpassed the previous year record already over 100 databases are found to be hacked. This form of crime is the most difficult to carryout but now hackers are finding a way out for it too.


Stealth malware is one of the most dangerous form of malware and it has received a steady growth this year. This gives a quite clear indication of how dangerous cyber criminals are becoming. Web threats have also increased this year, a number of sites are found to be in-fluxed by dangerous malwares and 64 percent of these are from North America. Web threats in this year have increased by a 20 percent.

It is time for users to update themselves about cyber crimes, the best way to keep yourself safe from cyber criminals is awareness.

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