The Onion Satirical Newspaper’s Twitter & Facebook Pages/Accounts Hacked by Syrian Electronic Army


Syrian Electronic Army, undoubtedly the undisputed hacking group from Syria has hacked several Twitter Accounts and Facebook Pages of ‘The Onion’ satirical online Newspaper, known for its satire news.

Hackers announced the hack on their official website and Facebook account, according to which the reason for hacking The Onion was because of a news that was published on their site, allegedly harming the reputation ofSyria and it’s leader.

“Syrian Electronic Army Hacked today Twitter Accounts and Facebook Pages of The Onion satirical newspaper And that came after that website published a news that harms the reputation of Syria and it’s leader.”


Hackers made several fake Tweets from the hacked The Onion Twitter account with 4,897,650 followers and several posts of claiming hack attack on the official page of the newspaper with 2.3 Million fans.


Links of hacked Twitter accounts and Facebook pages are mentioned below: 4,897,650 followers

The hacked Facebook pages :

It seems as if at the time of publishing this article, the accounts were still under Syrian Electronic Army.

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