The three critical features a VPN must-have

VPN or virtual private network is the best way to protect and hide your identity on the internet…
The three critical features a VPN must-have

VPN or virtual private network is the best way to protect and hide your identity on the internet. It’s the new technology changing the way the internet works, securing data on every edge. During the current COVID-19 lockdown, most of us are just using VPNs for entertainment purposes to cope up with the global pandemic and its impact on their mental state.

However, how effective are VPNs? Which is the best VPN version for your device? What should you look for before settling for a VPN?  Yes, a lot for just one private channel, VPN creates private conduits hidden from the open internet to encapsulate all your communications, apps, and general data.  

Given a large number of VPN services in the tech market, its challenging to settle for a particular service. The kind of picture portrayed by VPN websites is the all useful, excellent features their VPN can provide. The best features are sugarcoating the VPN’s ability to work and provide exclusive services.

Never will they highlight the limitations and the downside, it’s always profoundly buried for users to dig once they purchase and find how useless some of the VPN is to their devices.  Disappointment is the feeling that comes with a lousy VPN; to avoid landing on the wrong VPN website, it advisable to check on the VPN reviews what others think and how well it has worked for them. 

Genuine VPN website will offer information on both cons and pros and also give crucial features. Buyers will then make a clear buying decision based on features positive and negative results of the VPN. There are various VPN providers with the best VPN deals at perfect prices and guarantee of best services for your device.

VPNs such as NordVPN, Express VPN, and IPVanish are some of the popular VPN providers with almost all features one needs. Today we focus on the critical features a VPN must have before purchasing.

  • Variety of server location

The sole purpose of the VPN is to hide and secure data channeling it in one tunnel, which leads from the user’s device to the VPN website. In a world where even harmless-looking apps like TikTok is being used for mass surveillance, using a VPN is absolutely crucial for online privacy.

The tactic is to take the IP address of the VPN server rather than their device IP address—a crafty way to hide and move across different internet networks around the world. The user is granted the monopoly of power to appear anywhere geographically and give different locations from where they are.

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Users can take advantage of visiting banned websites and shopping sites, web apps such as WhatsApp, Tik Tok for specific countries and regions. Users can even use VPN to access cryptocurrency websites.

The best way to bypass the geo-blocking, this is possible if your provider has coverage across different countries. It gives you more options and secures your data all the time. Go for a VPN web server coving various locations for better performance.  

  • Supports mobile apps

VPN for Windows PC is good, but what makes it best and valuable is accommodating mobile devices. Since we’re always on our phones more than our laptop, a VPN can greatly deter phishing attempts that we might receive while browsing the web.

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VPN supporting your mobile will help you maneuver different locations and access the public WI-FI whenever possible. The VPN server should support a large percent of your mobile app, though most of the providers have implemented the services to fit Android and IOS devices. Ensure to read all guidelines on the support pages and device setting procedures. 

  • Incorporated kill switch

Not all tech is perfect; there is always a loophole giving an IP leak, in turn revealing your real IP address. The problem can occur if the VPN server is overloaded; to avoid exposing the switch, kill is the solution. THE best VPN should have the switch killer as the first feature.

When a VPN connection occurs, the switch kill will disable the data transfer; it will prevent unencrypted data from being exposed from your real IP address. Ensure to check for the switch killer as a crucial feature on the VPN serve you settle for, to provide secure connection every time.

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