New tool lets teens report, remove their nude photos online

Teens can now report their explicit content through a tool that can be termed as a positive initiative against revenge and child abuse content.

An online tool has been developed to help those young people who want to remove their nude images, whether or not they have been shared/circulated online.

Dubbed Report Remove; the tool is created purely to help under-18 individuals who are scared that their nude photos or videos will be viral.

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Now they can report them via the tool developed by the Internet Watch Foundation and Childline to help groomed children or those whose partners posted their private photos online as revenge.

Tool Developed to Help Youth Feel Empowered!

The tool is specifically developed to help the youth feel confident, protected, and empowered. Childline Online’s service head, Cormac Nolan, stated that the impact of sharing/uploading explicit content could be damaging to young teens.

 “The impact of having a nude image shared on the internet cannot be underestimated, and for many young people, it can leave them feeling extremely worried and unsure on what to do or who to turn to for support.”

“That’s why Childline and the IWF have developed Report Remove to provide young people a simple, safe tool that they can use to try and help them regain control over what is happening and get this content erased,” Nolan noted.

World’s First Tool to Help Worried Teens

The IWF states it is the world’s first tool developed to help worried children across the world. The management will evaluate the images and remove them if they are sure the law has been violated. People under 18-years of age can use the service. They can flag up the content using this tool on the NSPCC’s Childline service website.

How does the Tool work?

The Report Remove tool helps IWF and Childline remove objectionable content by creating a digital fingerprint or hash from the image and providing it to tech firms to prevent the image from being uploaded or shared online. The person who reported the issue will receive feedback from the organization within one working day.

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In case the image or video has already appeared online, the complainant has to provide the URL so that the charity could examine it and determine if it breaks the law or not before removing it.

On the other hand, if the content hasn’t appeared online yet, the digital footprint will be generated. The best thing is that teens can report anonymously, but they do need to verify their age.

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