Tools for Testing Your Proxy Servers

Proxy servers aren’t foolproof solutions for hiding your identity and facilitating anonymous connections. As human-made tools, they’re prone to fail, especially when connected to unstable internet or poorly configured.

Once you lose the link to your proxy server, your device will connect directly to websites with your ISP-generated IP address. That leaves every detail of your connection open, risking IP blocks and malware infection.

How to Test Your Proxy Connections

Testing proxy server connections is mandatory when scraping data and surfing the web anonymously. IP leaks during these serious activities have drastic consequences. The frenzied way bots work, whether they be for buying sneakers or gathering market intelligence, can raise suspicion, leading to the closure of one’s accounts.

When harvesting data from the internet, the leaking of IPs will cause the blocking of your scraping bots. Additionally, hackers can access your financial and private data when your connections are open. Use proxy testers to maintain stable proxy connections and keep your online activities secure and confidential. Here are some of the popular ones.

IP Checkers

IP checkers are robust tools for checking the connectivity and performance of your proxy servers. These tools provide an easy way to manage digital network connections through IP address filtration, allocation, and management. IP trackers operate differently, but their most basic function is providing a database of all connected IPs. They scan and provide accurate details of configured and active IPs.

Top-tier IP checkers include Advanced IP Scanner, Angry IP Scanner, and BlueCat. These IP checkers reveal your HTTP headers and location. Accurate details of your proxy connection location and IPs protect against connecting to insecure websites or getting blocked by streaming services or geo-censored websites.

FOGLDN Proxy Tester

FOGLDN Proxy Tester is the best tool for checking the speed of your rotating proxy connections. The tester generates real-time, direct ping times to all websites you’re connected to. It auto-generates connection speeds, giving accurate details of the time taken to authenticate and confirm a connection. For that reason, you can use FOGLDN to monitor your proxy server latency.

FOGLDN Proxy Tester is user-friendly and affordable. However, it doesn’t give clear reasons when tests fail. In addition, the tool won’t convey anonymity level, proxy location, and usage type. is the most sophisticated and efficient free proxy checker. The tool gives comprehensive details of proxies, including anonymity level, proxy type, connection speed, and precise location. It automatically detects proxies collected from different websites, often filtered per protocol type, including SOCKS5, HTTP, and HTTPS. offers robust AES 256-bit encryption and strong leak protection. It can tell exactly how secure and anonymous a proxy connection is while enabling you to know the probability of a proxy server connection leaking. It categorizes connections according to anonymity levels.

IP Databases

Other crucial tools to use with your proxy servers are IP databases. These IP revealing tools contain a dataset of IP addresses, enabling you to tell an IP’s location. Rotating proxies generate a collection of alternative IP addresses. If an IP gets blocked by certain websites, you won’t know unless you try to access the website to no avail. The best thing about IP databases is that they provide comprehensive details of all proxies, including the ones blocked from accessing certain websites.

Let’s say you use YourPrivateProxy as your proxy provider. You can check the proxies against IP databases to ensure they’re viable. This way, you can always be sure that your connection is secure.

IP databases also give signals of blocklisted IP addresses, protecting you from connecting to such IPs and risking getting blocked. IP databases provide varied kinds of data, including the location and type of IP address, the domain name, and the usage type

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Proxies aren’t inherently designed to function error-free, delivering 100% uptime, outstanding speeds, and high anonymity levels. High-quality and well-configured paid rotating proxies will provide near-perfect connections, but even that is not 100% guaranteed. Despite accurate configurations and full-time maintenance, you must expect proxy servers to fail in some instances.

Cut the risks of dealing with leaked IP addresses and insecure connections by using proxy testers to maximize the work of proxy servers. Remember to identify and use subscription-based proxies confirmed to match the highest standards of anonymity, security, uptime, and speed.

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