Top 10 Best Anime Movie Sites 2019

Are you a fan of anime movies? Look no further, here is a list of best anime movie sites.

Entertainment is a major part of our lives and the Internet is the biggest source for it these days. There are several websites such as YouTube, DailyMotion, and Vimeo, etc. offering movies and TV shows but regardless of age, there is a huge fanbase of animated movies – Which are those best anime movie sites?

Some of the best anime movies sites

Due to the enormous demand for anime movies, it is important that there should be platforms offering HD content without any disruptions for free or at least at low prices. In this article, we have compiled a list of best anime movie sites for 2019 which are not only rich in content but also provide a user-friendly experience to visitors.

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Best anime movie sites 2019


The most recommended site for animated movies is GoGOAnime. This site is an “all in one” package. GoGOAnime offers animated episodes with English subtitles and if someone does not understand the language of the movie they can watch it in English.

The best part of GoGoAnime is that it is free of cost which means it does not require any premium membership so you can watch your favorite anime movies and tv shows on the go without any hurdle.

Another good thing about GoGoAnime is that it is available worldwide. This means anyone around the globe can access the site and watch their favorite content. Also, If you are trying to learn the Japanese language this site is a good place to be because some episodes are uploaded without any subtitles making it easier for you to learn. However, for beginners, there are subtitles helping them to learn at a fast pace.


Crunchyroll is one of the best anime movie sites in the world. Once on the site, you can watch the latest episodes and seasons in the best quality available on the Internet.

It is a legally operated site that has all the latest cartoons for its worldwide audience. It uploads new content which includes animated movies, shows, seasons and episodes every hour. That means the site is updated almost every hour.

The only disadvantage of it (which is not really a disadvantage) is that it is available on premium membership. That means to watch the content it requires a monthly or yearly package. There is a free trial as well in which some episodes are available for free, but later on, you have to get their premium membership. This may seem a disadvantage because it requires payment, but in actuality, it provides a more secure platform to enjoy rich anime-related content.


Netflix is one of the most popular online streaming services and what’s even better is that it also offers anime movies and TV shows in HD.

The only problem is that it is not free. It requires a premium membership. But if you decide to get its paid membership that will open doors to a trove of your favorite content as Netflix shows about 700 series per year. Remember, there are over 150 million Netflix subscribers worldwide.


One of the most extensively used anime movie sites in the world is Chia-anime and that’s because of its high speed in comparison with most of the websites. It is considered to be several times faster than any other site. You will find all the latest anime movies directly on the home page of the site.

You can also search for any show by just typing the first letter. It also gives users the option to download their favorite anime movie or show in HD – All that for free.


AnimeFreak is also one of the most visited anime movie sites. The best part about this site is that it provides your favorites shows and movies for free. As the site’s name indicates, this website is for those who are huge fans of anime movies but can’t afford paid membership anywhere else.

The only issue with the site is that it shows advertisements between movies and shows. This could be annoying but other than that, it provides HD quality shows, in fact, AnimieFreak is home to over 10,000 shows and episodes.


One more renowned site for anime movies and shows is KissAnime. This is one of the best anime movie sites of 2019 because it provides shows in very good quality, in fact, in high definition. This service is also free, which means that you can watch your shows on the go without spending a dime.

Moreover, there are options for watching shows in different formats such as 240p, 720p, and 1080p. The site is modified to ingest low-bandwidth and loads fully within just a few seconds. This means it plays the content at high speed.


Another anime site known for having one of the most notable compilations of all anime genres is Funimation. It is one of the largest anime streaming site based in North America. It is also a free platform.

All you need to do is create an account and watch all your favorite shows on the go. Funimation offers all the best anime movies in different languages with subtitles. This is the site I highly recommend.


AnimeUltima is also one of the best anime movie sites allowing users to view movies and TV shows free of cost. The site has tons of popular anime series. Also, apart from the anime series, the site also offers famous animated films.

The problem with this site is that there is no option for download. This means that you cannot watch your shows offline. But the good point is that it does not spam users with advertisements in between the shows so you can comfortably watch your favorite show.


A highly recommended anime site is KuroAni. This site not only offers shows and movies but tons of other content in HD. It has a high rating among viewers. The best thing about this site is that it provides content for free. In addition, it has a download option and the most unique part is that it also has a chat option.


9Anime without a doubt is one of the prominent and best anime movie sites attracting viewers from all over the world. Almost every video available on this website is in high definition. Furthermore, people can request 9Anime’s administrators to include their favorite shows in case they are not available on the site.

There are options like Genre, latest, or most watched which lets you find the content that you like or would like. The TV shows and movies are all English dubbed (as well as the original language). It also has the option to download where you can download your shows and movies and watch them offline.

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