Top 10 Best Writing Tools

Should We Use Writing Tools to Improve Our Work? Yes, if you run a website or do anything online involving typing. Here are the 10 best writing tools.

It’s true, excellent writers need nothing more than talent and a good story. Yet, if you want your story to reach the right audience, you need to consider a couple of more factors, like choosing the best writing tools from start. 

Posting on the Internet is the best way to reach your target audience. Moreover, finding the right tools to make any content readable and interesting is the main prerequisite for success.

Should We Use Writing Tools to Improve Our Work?

When you imagine a famous author creating his masterpiece, you see that person using no exceptional tools, just a piece of paper and a pen, or perhaps an old typewriter. 

In today’s time, some people also imagine a person with a notebook on their desk, writing a best-seller while sipping decaf latte at Starbucks. This modern man or woman is a highly respected journalist, an award-winning writer, or a famous blogger who creates content for millions of people and uses the best writing tools while developing their work.

10 Sought-After Tools for Successful Writing

Even the most experienced authors need proper guidance. Creative work involves a lot of material, accumulated thoughts and ideas, and a large amount of imagination that needs to be shaped into a fine and precise whole. 

Technology does not restrict the human mind. According to professional writers from WriteMyPaper4Me, writing tools can support high-quality writing and provide greater efficiency when it comes to presenting your content to the public. 

Here are some of the most sought-after tools you can use for writing:

1. Grammarly

Grammarly can be used as a separate app or as an add-on for creating or checking already finished documents. Grammarly is a tool capable of detecting hundreds of different grammatical errors. It also corrects spelling and gives excellent suggestions on how to enrich your vocabulary.

Additionally, the program scans thousands of content pieces online to determine the originality of your content and eliminate plagiarism.

2. Yoast

As mentioned earlier, finding the right tools is generally about improving visibility on the Internet. However, Google, as the leading search engine, often changes the rules of the game, which is why SEO is necessary for successful posting on the web. 

For that reason, many writers use Yoast — a text editor that includes the best SEO features like meta descriptions, keywords, and more. 

3. Hemingway

Hemingway app will improve the structure of your writing and teach you how to edit long sentences, avoid wordy phrases, and use the right style to create readable and enjoyable content. 

Copy your text into the editor and the app will scan every word, detect issues and offer solutions. 

4. StayFocused

StayFocused app is perfect for those who find it hard to concentrate on work. Instead, they wander around the Internet and waste their valuable time on social networks, YouTube, or other platforms. Luckily, this app can help. Once you start working, it will exit all sites and leave you to create in peace.

5. editor stores documents on the cloud. Apps like this one allow more people to work at the same time and on the same document. It is recommended for collaborators who create the same content — writers, reporters, proofreaders, and many other members of the same creative team.

6. Google Docs

Google Docs is another excellent writing tool that allows teams to work together on the same, shared document. It has great features that make it easy for you to edit text, check previous edits, mark the parts you want, write notes, and even use Grammarly as an add-on.  

7. Coschedule

A good headline is half the work done. But sometimes, it is hard to outline all key terms and create a good title. A good title shouldn’t be too long, but precise enough to speak about the topic you are writing about. Besides, a good headline must follow SEO guidelines for better results on the web. Coschedule is what helps in this case.

8. Pro Cliche Finder

You probably know that feeling when you recognize the same old phrases in all your writings and each theme looks monotonous. But don’t worry, there’s a solution. Pro Cliche Finder can help you refresh your content by finding unnecessary clichés in your lines and suggesting how to eliminate them. 

9. Otranscribe

Otranscribe is a unique tool that facilitates one of the toughest jobs of all writers — transforming audio content into a written piece. Unfortunately, the application cannot do this by itself but it helps a lot in the process.

10. The Most Dangerous Writing App

Lastly, we present a tool with an unusual name that is so ingenious that it will make you write better than ever. The “most dangerous” app will erase everything you’ve done so far if something else attracts your attention.

Once you estimate how much time you need to work, set the timer and start writing. If you don’t follow your own schedule and start browsing funny videos on Facebook or chatting with friends, the evil app will permanently delete everything you’ve written. To avoid this, just focus on your work and finish what you’ve started.


These tools can be helpful in various situations. It doesn’t matter if you’re searching for good ideas, writing content or trying to master text formatting — they are here to help you out. 

In fact, it can be said that many of them are necessary, especially when originality is required or when your content needs to rank high on Google.

Whatever the case, these tools are great for anyone who wants to write content that will meet all criteria, draw attention, and reach its target audience.

Lastly, good writing tools can help amazing writers capture their thoughts, save valuable drafts, and find inspiration for creating new masterpieces.

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