Top 10 Facebook Tricks You Must Know

Do you surf facebook for hours? And would like to have some additional functions to your tiny world of friends? Well, if yes then you are at the right place. In our today’s article we would be covering few of the best tricks that will make your facebook lot more efficient and joyous. So, let’s then get started:

1. How to type colorful text for your status or chat

Want to impress your friends with something out of the box? If yes then follow our next steps. For typing any form of text in colorful way just paste following script for each letter: 

] = A ] = B ] = C ] = D ] = E ] = F ] = G ] = H ] = I ] = J ] = K ] = L ] = M ] = N ] = O ] = P ] = Q ] = R ] = S ] = T ] = U ] = V ] = W ] = X ] = Y ] = Z


2. Creating your own chat 

Want to chat with your friend in a different way? Well, you can if you want to. We have a trick by which you talk via pictures. You don’t need to upload them need to type them. For instance you want to show something related to mr.zuck, one of your friends, so, can show his profile pictures and type something with it. Just type the username in this way ] and profile picture would be sent in the chat.


3. How to upload your pictures from flickr to Facebook 

If you have some albums on flickr and want to share them over facebook then your problem would be solved now. You should download flikr2facebook, for this transfer this program will automatically transfer all the albums or photos you want to transfer.

flickr2facebook 4. Scheduling facebook messages

If you are using more than one messengers at a time or want to schedule your facebook messages then you should click here, you would here find a program for scheduling all you message at a single time. It’s fantastic software for people who want to deal people talking from more than one messenger.


5. How to hide your facebook status from the friends you want

For hiding your status you need to need to change your privacy settings for this you will first go to privacy setting and from these go to profile tab. There you should go for status update setting there a page will open and you can under customize you can name the person you want to hide your status from.


6. Removing unwanted ads on Facebook

If you want to get rid of ridiculous advertisement on facebook, then you should try Facebook cleaner it removes all the unwanted advertisements which makes your browser slow and makes the browsing faster too.

Remove Facebook ads trick

7. Access your facebook account from your desktop 

Don’t have time to visit facebook regularly now? Now get your facebook chatting on your desktop simply download Gabtastik and you can chat from your desktop with your friends.


8. How to create Quiz on Facebook

Have any question in your mind? Want to know it from your friend via quiz? Then there is no better place then facebook by going to LOLapps you can get a free quiz generator and have fun with your facebook friends.


9. How to display offline status to some of your friends

Don’t want to talk to some of your friends while remaining online? Well, you can do it now, it simple to do……….. Just go to your chat box and find a star there click it and go to advanced settings here you in the first write the profile names of the people whom you want to display offline status. As you write the names you would be shown offline in there chat box and originally you would remain online.

10. How to set your status remaining online on firefox

Using multiple social network and don’t have time to set the status regularly then use FireStatus, you can easily set your status with one button click to the leading social media sites. This will bring more efficiency and joy to your browsing experience.Firefox-status-facebook
So what are you waiting for, try these tricks incase they are new for you and enjoy :D 

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