Top Gear’s Presenter Jeremy Clarkson’s Twitter account hacked

Jeremy Clarkson-twitter-hackedIt seems that hacking Twitter is the easiest thing in the world, earlier it was Burger King’s Twitter account that was compromised and defaced into McDonalds and now the official Twitter account of Top Gear’s Jermy Clarkson got hacked by cyber criminals spamming about diet control. 

The unknown hacker was quick in updating Jermy Clarkson’s status by offering his latest deal “the fastest way to lose bodyfat in two weeks.”

However, Jeremy regained access to his account within no time, deleting the spam message and accepting that he was hacked by unknown spammers. He updated his status by saying that “I have been hacked by spammers. Luckily I have acquired a special set of skills over many years. I will find them. And I will kill them.”


Jeremy Clarkson is best known for his role on the BBC TV show Top Gear with more then 1,329,511 followers on Twitter

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