Alert: Tor Browser app in the Apple Store is fake, spreading Malwares and Spywares! Do not download!

Tor Browser app in the Apple app store is fake and have been found spreading adware and spywares.


According to the official website of Tor Browser, the Browser app available in Apple store on iTunes is fake and has nothing to do with the official version. The developers of Tor said that:

  • Tor Browser in the Apple App Store is fake. It’s full of adware and spyware. Two users have called to complain. We should have it removed.

The company has been complaining to Apple Inc. for over two months. However, Apple didn’t removed the app until now.

The link of fake Tor browser app:

For all iPhone and iPad users, we request NOT to download Tor Browser app from the link mentioned above. 

We have sent an email to Tor authorities for more information. Stay with us!

UPDATE: As our report went viral, Apple Store has now deleted the ‘Fake TOR Browser app’ from its store. The fake app link now redirects users to iTunes download page.

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