With KENT CamEye Travelling in a Cab Just Got a Lot Safer!

KENT CamEye is a next-gen car camera that has features like a 720p dual camera with a FOV of 120-degree.

Due to the absence of sustainable and convenient public transport, private cabs have become the preferred mode of transportation. Even though cabs these days have introduced the system of emergency assistance through their apps, security is still a matter of great concern. With the increasing incidents of stalking, road rage, and whatnot. This makes a location tracker a necessary device to ensure the safety of commuters in a cab. 

Commuting by cab at odd hours has become a matter of great concern as various incidents of misconduct have been reported in the past.

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With a steady increase in crime, cab owners need more than just a panic button or a location tracker. As a cab owner, you need to ensure 360-degree protection to the passengers. With so many location tracking devices available in the market, you need to do thorough research and choose the best. 

KENT CamEye is a next-gen car camera that has features like a 720p dual camera with a FOV of 120-degree. It has various other features that help ensure a safe commute. Here are a few ways in which KENT CamEye makes traveling in cabs a lot safer.

Dual Camera Set-Up

With KENT CamEye’s two-way camera feature, you can determine that the passengers in the vehicle are safe. With this feature, you can not only stream video outside the vehicle but also inside. It helps in ensuring that the driver doesn’t ferry unauthorized passenger and put their security at risk.

Face Recognition (Unknown Driver Detection)

This feature determines who is behind the wheel with its AI-based technology. With the face recognition feature, you will receive an alert on your connected device when a non-white listed person is behind the wheel. This enables you to ensure that your vehicle doesn’t fall in the wrong hands, and the occupants are safe and sound.

Over Speeding Alert

With a mere GPS location tracker, you are unable to determine the quality of the driving. Rash driving puts not only the rider’s security at risk but also your vehicle. With the help of KENT CamEye, you can keep a check on the quality of driving and ensure overs speeding does not occur.

Noise Alert

Often, the rider and the driver of the car get in arguments due to payment, route taken, and more. This could put out a bad reputation for the cab service leading to a loss in business. With KENT CamEye’s noise feature, you will receive a live alert when the noise level goes beyond the prescribed limit. With this feature, you can ensure that dispute free services are provided to your customers. 

In-Built Mic and Speaker

KENT CamEye has an in-built mic and speaker that enables the device owner to contact the driver and have a smooth back and forth communication. With this feature, you can call out the driver’s actions and misdemeanors on the spot and call him out. This feature comes handy when the cab driver uses his mobile while driving, drives poorly, or uses AC when idle.

One way to reduce the number of crimes in cabs and taxis is to install KENT CamEye and let drivers know their every step is being monitored. Not only will passengers feel safe with continuous and rigorous monitoring through this location tracker, but drivers will also take their job seriously.

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