True Stories Behind The Names Of 20 Tech Giants You Should Know

We all have been using Nokia, skype, Wikipedia and a number of tech services like this since a long time. But, have we ever imagined what the background of all these tech-giants is? Well, in this article we will cover a brief history relating 20 of the tech-giants online. Fascinated? So, then without wasting a second let’s get started, but, do mentally prepare yourself for some shocking and fascinating facts coming up!!


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The founder of Amazon was looking for something massive, so, wanted to relate its name to something similar. He then got inspirations from the river Amazon in relation to its massive size.


The founder wanted to develop something which allowed people to discuss their feelings, so, initially three names came into contention: status, jitter and twitch. But, when he opened and dictionary and saw the meaning of the word twitter, his mind changed, the meaning was: “short burst of inconsequential information, and chirps from birds”. This is what for we know twitter for these days.


Baidu word came from a 800 year back poem’s last line in which a man found a women who was finding since a long time and been really working hard for. Baidu, literally means, persistent search for the ideal and this is how the program works in the modern day.


Tumblr came into being after a little analysis by the program’s developers who realized the diversion in people’s mood from blogging to tumblelogs which meant shorted with a mixture of different media.


The site was initially a place for deviant to play with their creativity and produce deviation in arts. Hence, the mixture of all these aspect gave the site a proper name.


Kindle means “ to light fire”, which replicated its kindle e-reader feature, the developers wanted to re-kindle the importance of knowledge through the program which gives the perfect idea of what kindle is made for.


The developers wanted to develop a platform which was designed for instant recording sharing and instagram was the name replicated it.


According to the website, the name of the site rhymed with a book Yup.


The developer wanted some fascinating or funny name for his network, so, while working over it he came forward to the name foursquare.


Nokia started during mid-1800s when it was operated as a pulp mill. Then the brand started its second mill near a river Nokiavirta, the firm when came into its current term of trade it took away the first part of the river’s name.


Initially, the word came to the mind of the developers, but, it seemed too large for it to be remembered. Then it was shortened to dig, but, was already taken Disney, so, the developer added another g and it became


EBay was initially provided a far larger name in form of Echo Bay technology Group. But, the developers shortly shortened it to Echo Bay. At last, they realized it to be squeezed to EBay.


Skype began with Sky-peer-to-peer, but, it shortly was squeezed skyper, but the name was already book, so, it was trimmed to skype.


Initially, the name flicker was pooled up by the developers, but, it was already taken. However, taking out ‘e’ turned out to be an instant success for the team ‘flickr’.


Sam meant “three” and sung “stars”, basically Samsung was having three ambitions “big”, “Numerous” and “Powerful”. Thus, this name was the best fit to their ambitions.


The name came from thousand of suggestions from all around. The name meant “together” and replicates the main theme behind the program.


The word is a mixture of two entirely different meanings. Wiki means ‘quick’ and to add to this a bit regarding knowledge “pedia” was added.


Etsy word was taken by the developer from an Italian movie while he was watching it. The word means “Oh yes” or “and if” in latin.


The word basically means “Humanity to others” which perfectly describes the idea behind the theme of the site.


Square was initially squirrel, but, after an event Apple cafeteria the things took a change and developers, brought the name of Square.

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