#OpTurkey Takes Height as Turkish Government Mufti Websites Hacked, Database Leaked by TurkHackTeam

It seems as #OpTurkey is taking heights as more hackers are joining in as in latest hack the Turkish hackavists from Turk Hack Team have breached two official Turkish government websites belonging to Mufti’s office (www.ofmuftulugu.gov.tr) and (www.cerkesmuftulugu.gov.tr).

Both sites are religious and belongs to the followers of Islamic faith, as a result of hack, the team was able to access the server and compromise login details of users, database of the website along with a message in support of Turkish protesters.

  • Turkish Travel Resistance is one of the most noble social uprising in recent history Said the Prime Minister of the Republic of Turkey ”ÇAPULCU” us.We are ÇAPULCU. Turkish Nation woke up.We are not crushed!

Leaked data has been divided in to two parts where first part shows usernames, emails, encrypted passwords and the third part contains site’s database.

Data is now available on Pastebin that can be visit via below given link.


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