Turkish Hacker Defaces Arizona State Representatives and Legislature Sites

A football loving Turkish hacker defaced high-profile US government websites belonging to the State of Arizona, Arizona House of Representatives and Arizona Legislature!

A Turkish hacker going by the handle of “aLem!” hacked and defaced the official website of Arizona State, Arizona House of Representatives and Arizona State Legislature just a few hours ago.

Hacker replaced the home page of all three websites with one of his own along with a message against the United State of America and a logo belonging to Eskişehirspor, a Turkish football club located in Eskişehir city.

This defacement is similar to the one that was conducted on South Yorkshire police website in which Albanian hackers left a logo of their football club probably due to ongoing UEFA Euro 2016 however there is no connection between Turkey and United States in football. 

Here is a full preview of the deface page uploaded by Turkish defacer: 


It is still unclear how it was possible for the defacer to bypass the security and upload his own page considering the targeted sites belong to high-profile government institutions, however, looking at recent data breaches on US healthcare databases it is quite obvious that security is not the first priority back in the states. 

Upon researching we found out the hacker has been defacing websites since 2007 but this one is one of his biggest defacements ever. We also found that aLem! was also working with famous Turkish hacker group Turk Hack Team.

Links to all targeted domains along with their zone-h mirrors as a proof of defacement are available here.

At the time of publishing this article, all targeted websites were restored and available for the public.

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