Turkish Police Labels RedHack Hackavists as “Cyber Terrorist Organization”


In a report submitted by the Turkish police in Istanbul Prosecutor’s Office, the famous online hackavist group RedHack has been labed as  “cyber terrorist organization” for encouraging public to commit crimes against the state via twitter during Gezi Resistance.

Not so long ago on July 10, 2012 I had reported on famous Turkish hackavist group REDHACK when Turkish government added the then into the list of terrorist organisation after for hacking its Ministry of Foreign Affairs website. 

Now the case has catch up bit of a spice as police has labeled the group as a terrorist organization for allegedly planning a conspiracy against the Turkish government by encouraging public to commit crimes against the state during recent Gezi protests.

The BiaNet reports that Muammer Aktaş is the prosecutor in charge of the investigation and charge the detected IP address holders with “being a cyber terrorist organization member”.

The police report allegedly accused RedHack of encouraging public to commit crimes via twitter during Gezi Resistance departing from the following tweet messages:

  • June 14: “By 2 pm today, let’s take the squares across the country”, “As we intensify on the issues, you announce the emergency needs”, “Please write on resistance news tag”, “Resistance continues even on a greater scale”, “Immediate calls on resistance news meeting”, “Let’s follow up with resistance tag”. 
  • June 15: “We are marching from our heart for a fair and equal world with more freedoms and no exploitation or classes. Let them stop if they are brave”, “They are providing free raincoats, shuttle service, guidance or food to their meetings. Are you going to remain silent when they say TOMA, tear gas and batton to us?”, “Gazi, Sarıgazi, Okmeydanı, Nurtepe, Çağlayan, 1 Mayıs, Gülsuyu. Your home, your mother, your brother are waiting for you”. 

“Killing 5 and injuring 10,000, police calls us terrorist” 

RedHack protested the alleged police report with “cyber terrorist organization” charges with a hashtag “#RedHackisNotTerrorist” on twitter. 

Some of RedHack’s tweets unfolded as follows: 

  • If terrorism means suppressing the public with fear and violence, who is doing it then? RedHack or AKP? #RedHackisNotTerrorist 
  • Only in one month police put 65 people into coma, injured 10,000, left 12 eyeless and killed 5. They called us a terrorist. #RedHackisNotTerrorist 
  • Let them call us a terrorist. We will not yield in on our struggle to demand freedom and justice and hacking while our people are suffering! #RedHackisNotTerrorist (EKN/BM)


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