Turn Off Irritating Facebook Live Video Notification Pop-ups
How to turn off Facebook Live Video notifications? Readers have been asking this question for a long time so here is a quick solution!

Facebook is a great place to keep in contact with friends or to promote your business but there’s one thing that is very annoying about this social media giant and that is its notifications. 

While you can control your Facebook news feed and notifications from groups and pages relatively easily, it is not the case where Facebook Live video is concerned. This notification pops up whenever a page or celebrity is online. However, HackRead has a solution for you.

Go to Facebook notifications → On Facebook → Edit. 

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You will now see ”What you get notified about” option, now go to Live Video → Check On (in case you wish to receive notifications) or Suggestions Off (Facebook will stop suggesting Live Videos) or check for All Off (to completely shut down the notifications.


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