Twitter Account of Afghan Chief Executive Dr. Abdullah Hacked

Ghost Squad Hackers have taken over the official Twitter account of Afghanistan’s Chief Executive Dr. Abdullah Abdullah — The reason for doing so is to raise awareness against alleged drug deals between Afghanistan and the US.

The official Twitter account of Afghanistan’s Chief Executive Dr. Abdullah Abdullah has been hacked by Ghost Squad hackers just an hour ago.

Yes, G4mm4 of Ghost Squad hackers or GSH who previously shut down Ku Klux Klan (KKK), Black Lives Matter, and Donald Trump’s websites took over the verified Twitter account of Dr. Abdullah and sent several tweets to his 42,000+ followers. That’s not all; the hackers also defaced the account bio and banner with their own data.

At the time of writing this article, the bio section of Dr. Abdullah’s twitter account was showing this message: “G4mm4 aka sam haxor was here! we are GSH! @G4mm4_haxor @ghostsquadhack.”

Here is a full preview of Dr Abdullah’s hacked Twitter account:


In an exclusive conversation with one of the representatives from the Ghost Squad Hackers, HackRead was told that reason for hacking Dr Abdullah’s Twitter account is to raise voice against ongoing corruption, large-scale drug deals and the illegal American presence in the country leading to a worldwide chaos especially for neighbouring countries.

When we asked if any of the hackers have any connections with Pakistan the representative denied and stated that “we don’t even belong to that region or South East Asia if it’s a big deal.”

When asked how did they hack Dr Abdullah’s account the representative revealed that before hacking his twitter account they defaced Afghan Public Credit Registry website which further allowed them access to several social media accounts including Dr Abdullah’s without any security whatsoever.

“We found an exploit in the government server and pulled every login we could we have more also but he (Dr. Abdullah) was not using phone restriction and 2FA was also not enabled,” hacker added.

A tweet from GSH shows the link of targeted Afghan Public Credit Registry website along with its zone-h mirror as a proof of hack.

Twitter is undoubtedly one of the best social media platforms, however, recent successful hacks against high-profile accounts leave a big question on Twitter’s security overall. Just a couple of days ago Anonymous had hacked Sarah Silverman’s Twitter against her comment calling “Bernie or Bust” supporters ridiculous during Democratic National Convention. 

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At the time of publishing this article; Abdullah Abdullah’s Twitter account was still hacked.

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