U.S. Lawmakers Want Internet Freedom Task Force

mass surveillanceInternet, during recent years, has become more then a place of just web surfing. It has become a place of great significance for all type of economic and cultural activities taking place around the world. But, since this has happened there have been a number of criminal uprisings in this it. Thus, have hurt the progress internet world has been making. This issue has become so dilute that even the governments are getting involved into it.

The evident of this is the congress new taskforce which monitors all the proposal from different countries regarding internet security and policies. This taskforce would include some of the U.S. government officials and internet activists. The taskforce would hold a number of public meetings and issue reports in accordance with proposals.

But, taskforce main task would be not to hurt the internet freedom that has been obtained by the time of its origination. Mr Rep. Zoe Lofgren the idea provider of making a task force act said:

“The Internet has been such a spectacular success because it lowers barriers and empowers people to connect and share information, resulting in greater cultural exchange and economic growth, Lofgren said in a statement. “For the Internet to remain a platform for innovation and prosperity, we need to address undue restrictions on Internet commerce and the global free flow of information.”

While announcing about this new taskforce lofgren didn’t mentioned about the recently held World Conference on International Telecommunications (WCIT) in which all the countries demanded for tighter internet regulations. Lastly, the task force will also be reviewing congress bill internet legislation in particular the controversial Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA):

“When the next SOPA-like legislation, restrictive international trade agreement, or over broad treaty from an international body becomes a threat, it is the job of this task force to sound the alarm and propose a course of action,” one of the spokesman said via email.

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