Ubisoft Games Hit by Massive DDoS Attacks

UBisoft Games Hit by Massive DDoS Attacks

France based video game publisher Ubisoft suffered a series of massive DDoS attacks (distributed denial-of-service). As a result, several Ubisoft gaming servers including Ghost Recon Wildlands, For Honor and Far Cry 5 were facing connectivity issues.

The DDoS attacks began on Tuesday, July 17th when Ubisoft used its customer support Twitter handle to confirm the outage and that the company is working on to mitigate the attacks.

“We’re currently monitoring DDoS attacks impacting Ubisoft services and causing players to be unable to connect to games. The attacks are focused on our games connections and server latency, which we are working on mitigating. Thank you for your patience as we resolve this,” the tweet read.

One of the Ubisoft’s players wondered if the DDoS attacks pose any risk to their personal information or whether there is a need to change their password. In response, Ubisoft said that “We haven’t had any indication that any information would be at risk.”

During the DDoS attacks, an attacker sends overwhelming traffic from multiple sources to the targeted server which eventually forces it to go offline. Usually, DDoS attacks do not pose any risk to user data unless attackers have already exploited some vulnerability to gain access to admin panel of the server.

Another user shared a screenshot of the error message displayed on their device stating that “The For Honor servers are unreachable at this time. Plase, try again later.”

UBisoft Games Hit by Massive DDoS Attacks

It is unclear who was behind the attack or what were the motives but this is not the first time when a gaming giant has suffered large-scale DDoS attacks. Last week Blizzard games were also hit by a cyber attack which caused service outage for Overwatch, Heroes of the Storm and World of Warcraft players.

As for Ubisoft, there has been no official tweet confirming if the service outage has been fixed. However, some of the company’s tweets to users suggest that the DDoS attacks have been mitigated.

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