Uganda High Commission Website For 20 Countries Hacked

The defaced sites were left with messages against the US invasion of Iraq, human rights violations in Afghanistan and Palestine.

A hacker going with the online handle of GeNiuS-JorDan hacked and defaced the official website of The Republic of Uganda – Ministry of Foreign Affairs and websites representing the country’s High Commission in twenty countries.

The Jordanian hacker left a deface page along with a YouTube video message containing a message from Dr. Dahlia Wasfi against the US invasion of Iraq.

The targeted domains represent Uganda High Commission in twenty countries such as Australia, Belgium, China, Canada, Denmark, Ethiopia, France, Germany, Italy, India, Japan, Kenya, Nigeria, Rwanda, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Switzerland, Tanzania, United Kingdon and the United States.

Screenshot of the deface uploaded by hacker on all hacked sites

It is unclear how the hacker was able to deface the server, however, it can be a possibility that he used Ministry of Foreign Affairs website as a gateway to enter into the server and simply use mass defacement script.

Links for all targeted websites along with their mirrors as a proof of hack are available here

The GeNiuS-JorDan hacker is known for leaving anti-war messages on the targeted sites. In the past, the hacker defaced Kuwaiti Central Agency for Information Technology, Iraqi custom, Nepalese passport control, Parliment and several other high-profile sites.

At the time of publishing this article, all targeted sites were restored and available online.


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