Ukraine National Police website down after hacker intrusion

The cyberattack on the Ukraine National Police website carried out around 11:45 Wednesday, 23 September 2020 (EEST).

The cyberattack on the Ukraine National Police website was carried out on Wednesday 11:45 am (EEST).

The official website of the Ukraine National Police has been temporarily shut down after authorities identified hacker intrusion earlier this morning. 

In a Facebook post, the National Police acknowledged the incident and revealed that the unknown hacker published inaccurate information on some of the websites operated by different regional police departments.

“Unauthorized interference with the official website of the National Police was recorded today at 11:45,” the Facebook post said.

“In this regard, unreliable information was shared on some internet pages of regional police offices. The website of the National Police of Ukraine is temporarily disconnected and our specialists are working on troubleshooting. We apologize for the temporary inconvenience,” said the authorities.

Screenshot from the official  website of Ukrainian National Police:

For now, it is unclear what exactly happened and how the National Police website with enhanced security was compromised. 

This however is not the first time when a high-profile platform in Ukraine has suffered crippling cyber attacks. A couple of years ago, the Ukrainian Ministry of Energy website was hit by a Bitcoin ransomware attack while its postal service, Energy sector, nuclear plant, and airports have also come under malware attacks. has contacted Ukraine’s National Police for comment. This article will be updated accordingly. Stay tuned.

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