30 Ukrainian government and media websites defaced by neo-fascist Svoboda party

Hacktivists from Ukrainian neo-fascist ‘Svoboda’ party hacked and defaced more than 30 Ukrainian government and media websites.

300-ukrainian-government-and-media-websites-defaced-by-neo-fascist-svoboda-partyHackers have left a deface page along with a statement on all hacked websites that ‘Svoboda’ is ready to seize power in Ukraine and that they are the only real political force in the country.

  • We are ready to take over, we are the only real political force in the country. We came forever; we don’t need a constitution of 2004; down with Klitschko and Yatseniuk we will go till the end”

List of targeted website is available

The protest in the country has started a major political crises in the country. It seems the hack was done for the same reason.

At the time of publishing this article, some of the sites were hacked while some were restored and working online.


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