UNESCO Cuba and UN Philippine Hacked By SaMuRa! of Turk Hack Team

The official website of UNESCO Cuba (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization), the website of  UN (United Nations) and website of  CERN Schools of Computing (CSC) has been hacked by By SaMuRa! // Black-Box hacker from Turkhackteam.

SaMuRa! hacker left his deface page on all the hacked websites, displaying the team’s hacking logo along with message saying:


Hacked By SaMuRa! // Black-Box

[email protected]

SaMuRa! hacker is known for its high profile hacks, he is the same hacker who is hacked the official website of World Health Organization (WHO) Indonesia on 28th March, 2012, against the massacre of  animaux.Laisser seals in the White Sea (Canada).

Mirrors of hacked websites:

At the time this article was written, the UNESCO and UN websites were restored while the website of CERN was still showing the deface page uploaded by the hacker.


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