Have you ever wondered how cyber crimes are plotted?

university-expertise-helping-students-unlock-secrets-cyber-worldDerby University of mathematics and computing is helping the world to fight from cyber crime in most unusual way. Have you ever wondered how cyber crimes are plotted? Well, you might think of it in a simple way of how a robbery is conducted i.e. on some paper or by discussion with some more robbers. But, it’s not true most of the cyber crimes are plotted through games.

You might be wondering how games can be a part of it. But, it’s true and Derby University is providing training on how to fight with it. The graduates here are taught on how cyber criminals work their way out on the games. Warfare is one of the most used games by the criminals to plot their route for carrying out criminal act.

Many of the games available in the market are related to criminals and provide complete guidance on how cyber crime can be carried out. The University graduates are taught on how these games are modeled and hence they learn different tricks on how cyber crimes can take place.

The University’s head believes that crimes these days have become really sophisticated then they were previously used. Nowadays, criminals are looking to avoid all those mediums through which they can be trapped and are looking for new ones through which they can’t be trapped. Especially, in terms of planning they have stopped using all means of communication which can be traced and are looking for things like game for plan their way out for the robbery.

The graduates at the Derby University are necessary to all these stuff because according to the latest survey 80 percent of the UK companies aren’t prepared to fight with cyber crimes meaning all these companies are on high risk. Although, these firms are paying third parties for securing their data, but, it’s not enough. Keeping this in mind, the graduates are taught for the worst and are trained to remain flexible and practical with their approaches. If a firm changes it’s systems overnight, according to the university’s head, their graduates should be ready to deal with it.


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