University of Zurich Hacked, 3200 Officials Accounts’ Leaked by @Ag3nt47

A hacker going with the handle of Ag3nt47 on Twitter has breached in to the official website of University of Zurich ( and as a result login details of over 3200 staff official have been leaked online.

The hack was announced by the hacker on his official Twitter account in which he claims to have found SQL vulnerability on the site, allowing him to bypass the security set against the server.

University of Zurich Hacked, Login Information Leaked by Ag3nt47The leaked data has been divided in to four parts, uploaded on Pastebin and AnonPaste shows usernames, emails and clear text passwords of professors, staff and students.

You can view the leaked data of over 3200 staff by clicking here.

At the time of publishing this article, the website of Zurich University was working online.


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