US Army Commands Databases Hacked, 36k People Info Breached

The databases of several US Army commands were hacked, user information of over 36,000 people was breached by hackers. 

In a reported published by ScMagazine, on 6/12/12, the hackers found a vulnerability on the US commands database which allowed them to bypass all the security set against the servers.

The hackers then took away sensitive information of ex-workers, currently working and visitors at Fort Monmouth, as well as personnel files from the U.S. Army Communications-Electronics Command (CECOM) Software Engineering Center, which provides services equipment and electronic system support for the Army.

The breached databases contained information gleaned from former Fort Monmouth visitor logs as well as CECOM Software Engineering Center personnel files, including emails, addresses, phone numbers and Social Security numbers of over 36,000 people.

According to the sources close to the case said that: 

The hacked databases were taken, and currently remain, offline. Those affected will receive free credit monitoring services for a year provided by the Army. The CECOM Chief Information Office is also answering questions by phone.

The CECOM added that investigations are in process led by the Army’s Cyber Command Center, however the hack was done by unknown hackers for unknown reasons. 


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