US Dept of Defense Non-Lethal Weapons Prog Hacked, Highly Sensitive Data leaked by @Gevolus

The hacker @Gevolus  from Brazilian Cyber Army has hacked into the off web-server of US Department of Defense’s Non-Lethal Weapons Program ( and left with posting highly sensitive information online.

The hacker contacted us with his one of the best hacks of all time, he also announced the hack on his official Twitter account. Brazilian-cyber-army The leaked sensitive information contains official’s usernames and their email address from US Army (, US Navy(, Pentagon’s ( and some defense contractors. The data also contains their personal and official phone numbers.

The most important thing about this hack is that it has put life of the officials in danger, as the leaked data also contains names of US Army and US navy’s officials along with their respected departments, names of institution from where they got their education. Such information is usually sensitive and  hidden from public.

Then comes to most confidential information related to Special Ops, which contains the official names, division names, address and their departments. Brazilian-cyber-army-US Department of Defense’s Non-Lethal Weapons Program hacked

So in total the hacker managed to access and leak following data:

  • Emails of US Navy, US Army, Pentagon and defense contractors.
  • Official’s Addresses, education institutions, contact details and their respective agency name. 
  • The details on Special Ops, including the address, names, contact details and current position/place of posting of high profile Army and Navy personals.

Link of targeted website:

Link on which you can get the confidential information :

According to the website of US department of Defense, the Joint Non-Lethal Weapons Program is to provide war fighters a family of non-lethal weapon systems with a range of capabilities across the full spectrum of threats and crises.

@Gevolus is the same hacker who had hacked Mississippi State University and Syrian Higher Commission for Scientific Research last week. 


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  1. This is not the right thing to do and unfairly puts the people defending us in jeopardy

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