Hacker in US hacks consumer drones for personal use [Video added]

A hacker from United States has managed to devise method to Hijack or take control of Consumer drones. This will enable the hacker to control the flights of these drones and use them for personal use.

A hacker with the name Samy Kamkar has pointed out certain security holes in AR.Drone which has been manufactured by one of the best commercial drone manufacturing company named Parrot.

He has explained the whole process of hijacking the drone in a video. This revelation from the Samy has given rise to a lot of questions about the plans of Amazon related to the delivery through Drones. The plans have been released only a few days before Samy unveiled his program.

Amazon’s Prime Air would be using drones for the purpose of delivering small customer packages to their doorsteps in about an hour. Prime Air is yet far from being used commercially and it needs to resolve some legal barriers and technical flaws for this purpose.

Despite speculations, many out there are still skeptical about problems which Samy’s hack may cause to create for these drones.

Watch the live demo below:


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