US Military & Important 2608 Emails Hacked By Mauritania HaCker Team

Whoever is familiar with cyber world knows Mauritania HaCker Team very well. This time Mauritania HaCker Team has hit a jackpot by hacking US Military’s email and other important 2698 emails from different multinationals corporations such as SbcGlobal, BellSouth, Orange, Bath University, Wartburg College, EEOC (The agency of the United States Government that enforces the federal employment discrimination laws), AliceaDsl, Caramail, Stclair College Canada and several other emails.

Mauritania HaCker Team posted the leaked on pastebin which can be found on following links:



Few weeks ago Mauritania HaCker Team hacked Bank Of Israel & Microsoft Israel and leaked tons of Israeli credit cards online.

Note: All the passwords are encrypted.

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